The sister of the missing Beogradjanje reveals details from the Walsh family’s life

Ana was able to calm Brian Walsh and without her support he would not have had the courage or strength to change his life, said the sister of the missing Belgrade woman Aleksandra Dimitrijević.

11.01.2023. 21:09

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Anna Walsh

Aleksandra had a good relationship with her brother-in-law, who was arrested for obstructing the investigation into his wife’s disappearance. In June 2022, she wrote to Judge Woodlock in which she claims that Brian was devoted to the prodigy.

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– I am Aleksandra Dimitrijević. Brian Walsh is my brother-in-law. I’ve known Brian for almost a decade. This letter is proof that Brian Walsh continues to provide continuous support to his community and family – Alexandra wrote.

She presented several examples to Judge Woodlock, including the help he provided to her mother, who had a health problem in December 2021.

Anna Walsh

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Anna Walsh

As he says, it was his presence in the house and his reaction that saved Milanka Ljubičić’s life.

– He was also with her during her recovery along with other family members. He was full of compassion, patience and supported everyone in the family during that difficult time. I also spent several weeks at their home in Cohasset. I saw how he takes care of our mother, his mother, their three sons (Anna and Brian Walsh’s sons), and all the time he supports my sister during the performance of her business duties – added Aleksandra.

In the letter, she begs the judge that Brian Walsh, his three children and his wife stay together.

– Brian is very devoted to his family. I’ve always loved Brian. He has developed as a person. He attributes this change to the leadership school and says that without my sister’s arrest and support, he would not have had the courage or strength to change his life, because change can be very painful. He said that he is focused on making positive results that affect everyone around him every day and I believe that is true, and I have also seen those positive changes – wrote Anna Walsh’s sister and finally added:

– Thank you for taking this letter into consideration. I am here if necessary to confirm the facts stated in the letter.

Brian Walsh

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Brian Walsh

Let us remind you that the disappearance of Anna Walsh (39), a mother of three children, was simultaneously reported by her husband and employer on Wednesday, three days after she was allegedly last seen.

Family members last saw her around 4 a.m. on Jan. 1, when she was about to go to Boston’s Logan Airport to catch a flight to Washington, D.C., where she works at a real estate agency.

However, she did not make it to the airport, and the local police chief said they have no confirmation that she got into the vehicle she was supposed to use to go to the airport.

Brian Walsh was arrested Monday on reasonable suspicion of lying to investigators and was ordered held on half-million dollar bail, though he has pleaded not guilty.

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