Anna Walsh published a drawing of her son

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Anna Walsh, who disappeared from Belgrade, published a child’s drawing on Instagram more than six months ago and wrote that it was drawn by a five-year-old boy. It is assumed that it is about her eldest son.

According to psychologist Snežana Repac, based on the drawings, the relationship between son and father Brian is very mysterious and represents a challenge for the child.

Anna Walsh, drawing
photo: Printscreen, Anna Walsh

Psychologist Snežana Repac analyzed a drawing made by a child for the MONDO portal.

“The drawing reveals an imaginative and creative child, intelligent and stable. The child’s energetic and determined movements reveal his certainty and clear perception, especially of what he wants to express. The drawing reveals an animal, like a chameleon, which has a tail and head, front legs like a bird, which would indicate certain difficulties and fear that the child has, but with which he successfully fights, he tries to understand some important figure, which is inconsistent in various editions, and is unclear to the child and tries to recognize some regularity that would be predictable. It is possible and that due to his lack of drawing skills, he shows a cat, a dog, or crosses out a picture,” Repac began for MONDO.

The interlocutor points out that it can be seen that the child is motor dexterous, active and restless. He adds that he draws straight lines, likes angles, draws squares, and is self-centered. According to her, the child likes to think, has his own world and decorates and experiments through the composition of shapes and colors.

Anna Walsh
photo: Instagram/anawalshe

“The drawing shows us how the boy fits into his environment. He is sure of himself, he places the drawing in the middle of the paper. The left quadrant symbolizes the past and attachment to the mother, and you can see that the drawing was started from left to right. The quadrant on the right represents the future and the father. Characteristic is a combination of these two symbolic spaces, because the left quadrant, where the mother is depicted, is here clear, painted in red, and decorated very illustratively, with symmetrical details, which indicates a strong connection with the mother, her educational influence as well as strong emotions, but and a touch of fear. The red color goes into the father’s quadrant as well, but an unstructured stain and builds on the sharp red lines that go down, here in function to show the legs of this figure, but also fear, because the boy’s “chameleon has straightened up and is moving somewhere”. The lines of the red thorn pointing downwards symbolize his everyday life, so the pain that comes from his father,” the psychologist explained.

Snežana Repac
photo: Kurir Television

The head of this creature resembles the features of a father’s face, our interlocutor states and adds that drawing a family member separately shows importance and place in a psychological sense, so the emphasis is on dad here. When the child points out some part of the body, here it is the father’s head, it can be seen that it is only attached, i.e. there is no body line, it indicates that the child cannot make contact with that person.

“The father’s head is like a puzzle connected to the mother’s quadrant, which speaks of complementing the parents, it is possible that this is the child’s wish, but also a perception. The most important thing is to observe the way in which the child draws and what is left out of the drawing. Here, the father’s body is missing because speaks of a relationship that is distant, without physical contact, but also vague, the child expects to finally see the father as he should. He is not known to him, he is presented in profile, he has no ears, no nose, which means that communication is weak and in passing, there is no close contact. Since the figure has no body, this figure of the father is only connected to the face by sharp red lines, and it is these “legs” of the figure that represent the movement. Below them is a vague red spot, the only place that is resignedly drawn, and the symbol of the color red is multi-level emotion, as well as fear and curiosity, focus on the here and now. The background is blue and aesthetically beautifully designed, which means that the child is in a nurturing and comfortable environment,” concluded psychologist Snezana Repac.

Anna Walsh, Brian Walsh, Disappearance
photo: AP Greg Derr

Anna Walsh’s disappearance is shrouded in mystery. Her mother, in the last statement she gave to the media, reveals that she does not have a single bad word for her son-in-law Brian and that she did not see anything strange or unusual in their relationship.

Let us remind you that Anna Walsh disappeared in the night between December 31 and January 1. The husband, Brian Walsh, only reported her missing on January 4. He was arrested on January 9 on charges of obstructing the investigation. Meanwhile, a bloody knife and traces of blood were found in the house.



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