Anna Walsh’s mother has revealed why she can’t take care of her grandchildren

“I’m thinking about everything. I’m very sick. I’m sick and I’m not able to take care of Ana’s children. I can’t take care of one, let alone all three children,” Milanka Ljubičić, Ana Walš’s mother, told “Blic” which has been searched for since she disappeared on New Year’s Eve in America.

13.01.2023. 15:08

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The mother of the missing Anna says that every day is getting harder for her, that she still believes that she will finally get positive information about Anna and that her daughter will contact her. She says she is worried about the messages Brian sent, but also about the new information about the investigation into her daughter’s disappearance.

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– I never heard anything bad about him, I think all the time what happened. I’m hearing all this being published for the first time and I don’t know what to think anymore. I just want my daughter to be found – says Milanka and adds that no one has informed her about Ana’s children.


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– I am very sick and I am not able to accept that responsibility. I can’t take care of one child, let alone all three. Especially since we don’t speak the same language, they don’t know Serbian and I don’t know English. I don’t know if Ana’s sister will take over that role, but now we are waiting to see official information from the American police – Milanka says with anguish in her voice.

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Let’s remind you, Anna Walsh was lost in the night between December 31 and January 1. Her husband Brian Walsh did not report her missing until three days later. The investigation established that he obstructed the investigation, and traces of blood and a bloody knife were found in the basement of the house. Also, bloody rags and a carpet were found at the dump, and the American police suspect the worst scenario. Brian Walsh is in pretrial detention, where he awaits the epilogue of the investigation.

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