When does a man love? 10 signs that tell you so

If you are not sure if he likes you and if you are trying to interpret his gestures and the signs he sends you – you are in the right place. We reveal 10 signs that help you know when a man loves and if he is in love.

10 signs that reveal when a man loves you


Apart from words, body language and facial expressions of men help a lot in these situations. What usually creates a problem for women when it comes to these signs is their correct interpretation. It can be influenced by some of our personal wishes and feelings that make us interpret his moves as we see fit. Here’s a good thing – instead of playing detective, trying to piece together all the signs he’s sending you, use these proven signs to make sure you know when a guy likes you.

The look on his face

For example, dilated pupils can be an indicator of interest and excitement. Numerous studies have shown this. When the pleasure centers in the brain are activated, dopamine is released into the bloodstream and the pupils dilate. It is one of the ways our body reacts to emotions. However, a similar sign can be manifested for other reasons. For example, in a dark room, the pupils dilate so that more light falls on the retina. In addition, the pupils dilate due to physical pain or under the influence of drugs. If you can eliminate these other circumstances, and his pupils dilate when you meet, be sure that the man likes you.

Just so you know – your pupils also dilate if he is attractive to you. But that’s a good thing! In the second half of the 20th century, an experiment showed that men notice this on an unconscious level and like it. Namely, they showed different men two photos of the same woman. In one photo, her pupils were normal, and in the other, they were dilated. Men liked the second photo better. In the photo with wider pupils, the woman was described as more feminine and attractive, while the first photo received fewer nice comments. What is interesting – the men later admitted that they did not see the difference in the photos.

Some other details on his face that tell you when a man is in love are: raising his eyebrows, licking his lips and smiling broadly. Another study found that men may experience an increase in salivation (as testosterone levels in saliva spike) when talking to a woman they are attracted to.

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Body language

Pay close attention to this item. The attitude when a man sits with his legs spread in a public place, it can annoy us. However, when he sits like this while talking to you, that would be a good sign. This is a non-verbal signal that shows his interest in you.

If his hand movements seem exaggerated, he subconsciously wants to get your attention. The looser his hold, that is, the more space he occupies, the more obvious his desire for you. He wants to show his importance and win your favor.

The position of his feet can also give us some signal. If his feet are pointed towards you while you are talking, he is taking your conversation passionately and is interested in talking to you. However, if one or both feet point in the other direction, there is a possibility that his interest is not at such a high level.

Gaze and distance while talking

If you notice that he is reducing the distance that exists between you – this may be a sign that he likes you. When a man loves, he unconsciously moves closer to your body. In case someone else joins your conversation, they will instinctively move closer to you. If a man decides to put his hand on your shoulder or lightly touch your hand during a conversation, you can take it as a serious sign of interest.

Apart from distance, eye contact is very important. A man who likes you will show his desire to maintain eye contact. An experiment was conducted in which strangers looked into each other’s eyes for two minutes. The results showed that when two people maintain eye contact, their heart rate increases and their attraction to each other increases.

Listening attentively

Then when a man loves, he has a strong desire to listen to you. In those situations, he is not disturbed by extraneous factors. It is one of the ways when he wants to win you over and show you that you are important to him. He will most likely show this through the details he remembers from your conversations.

Nice words

Some studies have shown that men always find a way to compliment the woman they like. It’s a kind of declaration of love without telling you two magic words.

What is open to interpretation is what he is complimenting you on and whether the nice words refer to your physical beauty or inner qualities. Both of these things indicate that you are attracted to him, but from this you can tell the quality of his interest. If he forces only physical appearance, then the interest can be only physical. But if he compliments you on your kindness, honesty, and wit, he’s letting you know that he loves and cares about you.

He wants to know everything about you

Men show this desire by often asking questions. However, it is not only the number of piranhas that matters, but also the context in which they are placed. If a man likes you, he will want to hear your opinion on all spheres of life. In addition, he will want to know your interests and aspirations. You will notice this item in finding out if a man loves you easily: if he doesn’t ask you questions just to get the necessary information, but also those that are specific only to you, it’s a sign. In this way, the man lets you know that he wants to get to know you and that he wants to create a deeper relationship between you.

He plans with you

One of the signs of male infatuation is that when he talks about the future, he includes you in his plans. It makes it so clear that he doesn’t want a game, but a serious relationship. It shows that he wants to be available to you and doesn’t force you to take the initiative, he wants to spend time with you. Some other signs that a man loves you are: he responds quickly to messages, returns calls, is available and respects your suggestions.

Where should you be careful? Note that his plans may be related exclusively to sex. Be careful not to be there just to fulfill his needs.

It does not hide you from friends and family

If he decides to introduce you to his family and friends, he is definitely in love with you. This gesture shows that he has serious intentions with you. With this move, he not only lets you know his interest in your relationship, but he himself has a chance to imagine his future with you. A man wants to see how you will communicate with his loved ones so that you can understand for yourself whether you have the potential for a life together. From this acquaintance, he will also learn the impressions of his closest people about you, and thus he will be more sure of his feelings.

He tries to fulfill your wishes and is there when you are having a hard time

When a man loves, it is not difficult for him to make an effort and do something nice and special for you. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, it’s enough to surprise you with your morning coffee or buy you a small token of attention. Men don’t do things like this because they feel obligated, but because they want to impress you.

Heed his words: when a man loves, he will let you know

Sometimes the best way to find out if he likes you is just to pay attention to his words. Sometimes it is not necessary for him to openly tell you that he loves you, and you can still know it. For example, when he tells you that he misses you, he confirms that you are important to him. A man in love will care about you and will tell you so. Small signs like reminding you to put on a raincoat before going out or asking to call him when you get home can reassure you that he really means you.

The simplest requests and phrases that we rarely give importance to are actually very important for understanding the essence of the relationship.

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