HOW MANY TANKS DOES KYIV NEED, AND HOW MANY DOES IT GET? Experts estimate that the aid will be symbolic

HOW MANY TANKS DOES KYIV NEED, AND HOW MANY DOES IT GET? Experts estimate that the aid will be symbolic
HOW MANY TANKS DOES KYIV NEED, AND HOW MANY DOES IT GET? Experts estimate that the aid will be symbolic

UKRAINE is opposed by Russia, which has thousands of tanks, and partner countries are planning to deliver 10 or 20 tanks to Ukraine, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky told German television ARD.

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Russian military expert Mikhail Khodarenok calculated how many Ukrainian tanks will be permanently destroyed, how many will have to be overhauled and how many tanks Ukraine needs to reverse the situation on the front.

So far, only Great Britain has decided to send basic battle tanks (OBTs) to Ukraine. London plans to deliver 14 Challenger 2 tanks.

To begin with, the expert states that it is necessary to emphasize that the line on which the conflicts are taking place is 815 kilometers long. Conflicts are being fought in three directions: Lugano, Donetsk and Zaporizhia.

The armed forces of Ukraine need at least one tank division in each direction, while the Ukrainian army is mainly represented by brigades. Three tank divisions are needed for a front of that length. According to Soviet calculations, one tank division has 296 tanks, 230 infantry fighting vehicles, 54 self-propelled artillery vehicles, more than two thousand cars and almost 12 thousand soldiers and commanders.

Three tank divisions are needed for three directions, which amounts to about 900 tanks. In addition, it is necessary to deploy another tank division on the Belarusian side, which is 1,200 tanks.

A military expert states that no commander-in-chief can not plan reserves in his army, which amounts to an additional 300 tanks. In addition, possible losses during offensive operations should be taken into account. Average daily losses of armored weapons in this case can be in the range of 10-15 percent. Of the tanks that were destroyed, about 15-20 percent will be irreversible losses, and the rest will have to be repaired, current overhaul is 30-50 percent, medium 15-30 percent, and major overhaul 10-20 percent of tanks.

It is necessary to add at least 300 more tanks in order to compensate losses during the conflict. So we arrive at the figure of 1,800 combat vehicles. At this stage, Great Britain is handing over 14 main battle tanks to Ukraine, which is less than one percent of what the Ukrainian army is asking for. A Russian military expert states that these are rough calculations.

What conclusions can be drawn from here? There is reason to believe that sooner or later Ukraine is likely to receive not only 1,800 Western-made main battle tanks, but much more. The Eastern European countries will first deliver the tanks to Ukraine, and only then the manufacturers of these tanks from the USA and Germany, and probably France will sooner or later deliver the Leclerc tanks.

As for the Armed Forces of Russia, the Russian army should achieve military and military-political results long before the West delivers weapons to Ukraine.


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