Barbara Bobak in a relationship with a married man

His wife, who did not want her name to be leaked through the media, decided to go public and tell everything she knew.

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Darko Lazić and Barbara Bobak

– My husband and I were at a private celebration. Barbara came. At one point, my husband slapped her on the buttocks while dead drunk. She smiled at him. She could have slapped him, told him: “Hello, monkey, are you normal”, but no, the young lady smiled – she says and continues:

– I picked myself up and left, and the two of them stayed a little longer, after which they ended up in her apartment, until three in the morning. If I had known then, I would have created chaos. They started seeing each other in August. They called it psychotherapy, smoking and all. There, sadness.

Barbara Bobak
Barbara Bobak

She says that she found their correspondence back in August of last year.

– I have those messages. I took pictures of them. I sent her a message to see a psychotherapist and tell him how drunk and drugged she likes to take married men. She squealed there, and I blocked her everywhere. After that, I didn’t notice that she continued to contact my husband until recently. I unblocked her and sent her a message again “I warned you once” – says the deceived wife for “Kurir”.

– The other day, her interview jumped out at me in which she says how well-bred she is, how a busy man can’t happen to her. By the way, Barbara Bobak is the ex-girlfriend of my current husband, I don’t even know how many years they were together for a short time. It was not a serious relationship. They were together long before me – she adds.

Barbara Bobak

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Barbara Bobak

She also knows Barbara from earlier and they were in contact.

– We also spoke when she broke up with Darko Lazić. We were really okay, we also followed each other on Instagram. She said that she wished me and my husband all the luck. Since she was with Lazić and my husband, she started comparing them, telling me that they are the same, like this, like that. All this so that after a few months I would find her messages exchanged with my husband and find out that she was seeing him – concludes the woman for the above-mentioned media.

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In the messages allegedly exchanged between Barbara and her married partner, it is clear that he is visiting her.

– Now we are celebrating the victory, a joke, a party. Just to check if you’re moving and to say thank you for yesterday. It meant, but I will need some more therapy, it was really nice and nice for me – he wrote.

– I’m moving, bro, I slept until three in the afternoon. I drank activated charcoal when you left, I’m like new – is one of Barbara’s messages.

– It’s a good thing I didn’t fall asleep at your place, I had already started pecking – he sent, and her answer arrived.

– You could, there is room. I remember that I said to you: “My head is falling, my eyes are closing, either lie here, sleep or go home”, that kind of phrase.

The correspondence also states that she is calling him for psychotherapy:

– Let me know if you need psychotherapy in a low-budget arrangement.

After seeing her, he told her that he liked it:

– Top therapy yesterday.

– Always, my dear – Bobakova beat him.

Barbara, on the other hand, points out that there is no truth in these allegations.

– God save me. What kind of nonsense is this? What does this prove? What kind of August, what kind of married man? Who is this? Where is my number here? Where was anything here? As if it is difficult to change the name and picture in the address book or on Viber and write in someone’s name. It was not normal for you that I am a woman on the show who has no scandals and has never caused a problem, so come on and give me the title of the easiest relationship with a busy man! These are pure nonsense and if this continues I will have to contact my lawyer – the singer told “Blic”.

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