A new round of roll calls

Photo: Damir Dervišagić, Zorana Jevtić

A real chaos arose in the domestic public scene due to the statement of the presenter Jovana Jeremić, who in a live program talked about people from Kosovo and Metohija who sold their property and moved to Belgrade. That particularly upset Tamara Đurić, who, let’s remind you, has been at war with the presenter for a long time.

After the first round of name-calling, to which Jovana reacted and spoke out for Kurir, the starlet now continued even more fiercely:

Jovana Jeremic, Tamara Đurić
photo: Zorana Jevtić, Damir Dervišagić

“Spoil the movie for me! Now I saw the statement that I have no credibility to talk. I grew up in Kosovo and our family house is still the house of Đurić! No one sold it, which he was worried about, but there was no choice! He says that I didn’t live alone She can only live in a public house! I have been living in several locations and in several cities for a long time, and she is preparing an apartment for compensation, and that is the same apartment that she is asking her husband to buy for her, and in exchange for her to give birth to a child. It comes to him as some kind of commodity exchange?”, Đurićeva began.

Tamara Đurić
photo: Damir Dervišagić

“You whining about not taking a bath from New Year’s to Christmas, you’re going to tell us about Kosovo? God forbid she even wore underwear in that Renault 4 her husband bought her. Who is it for and it’s a lot!”, brutally snapped Tamara.

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