Draft of Putin’s plan leaked – B92.NET

Draft of Putin’s plan leaked – B92.NET
Draft of Putin’s plan leaked – B92.NET

Moscow — Although there is a year left until the presidential elections, Putin’s team headed by Sergey Kiriyenko is already working on the campaign, writes Jutarnji list.

Source: Jutarnji listSaturday, 18.03.2023. | 19:30 -> 20:10

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The campaign will be based on the “ideological postulates of conservatism, isolationism and Russian uniqueness and self-sufficiency”, not only in the economic but also in the social, cultural and value sense, i.e. on the propagation of Russia as a “state for itself” and a “state in itself”.

It will be based on the so-called traditional Russian values ​​and aggressive anti-Westernism and the presentation of others, primarily the West, as enemies and those who want the destruction and dismemberment of Russia. The emphasis is on the family, the unity of the state and people, and the Russian tradition at the center of the world.

In such a setting, Vladimir Putin will be presented as the guardian and protector of the Russian way of life and the Russian way of thinking and an obstacle to the decadent ideas of Western liberalism and democracy that are foreign, foreign, unknown and hostile to Russians. Therefore, Putin is placed in the center of everything as an integrative factor and a kind of nut around which everyone must gather.

According to this idea, the focus should be on anti-Westernism and not on the idea of ​​a “Russian world”. In particular, the idea that one feels indebted to the state and that the intangible has priority over the mercantile and the common over the personal will be propagated.

These are the key positions that will be insisted on in Putin’s campaign, and which were leaked from the meeting of the leading people from the president’s administration with the main implementers and propagandists, the Russian independent portal Meduza has learned, which was declared undesirable and as a “foreign agent” in Russia itself. and the Jutarnji List reports.

According to what was heard at the meeting, it is concluded that the cult of Putin and the state will be built and that the goals and mission of the state policy are the most important, and for this the main conservative postulates will be built – the family, the unity of the state and society, order and work for the state and its politics.

At the center of the campaign will be the so-called The DNA of Russia project. It will contain the guiding idea of ​​the Russian identity, the special and exclusive Russian world view and the Russian philosophy of life and loyalty and will explain what are the traditional Russian values ​​on which the Russian state and society should rest, as well as opposition to dangerous foreign ideas and influences and values ​​that want to be imposed from the West. Therefore, the focus of the campaign will be to prove Russia’s ethical purity and moral superiority over others, mainly, of course, over the West.

Russia, “Russianness” and the uniqueness and uniqueness of Russian traditions and values ​​will be emphasized in harmony and contrast with liberal Western values, which in fact are not, because they lead these societies to ruin with their policy of propagating homosexuality. This includes perverted transgender ideologies, abortions, same-sex marriages and enabling the adoption of children by homosexuals. It will be treated as the destruction of the traditional “biblical” family and marriage which can only be between a woman and a man.

The second item is to inform the population that the war in Ukraine was not started by Russia, but by the West, which is waging war against Russia and the Russians through Ukraine. The meaning of the war is actually the destruction of Russia and its dismemberment. The war in Ukraine is actually a fight for the survival of Russia, Russian civilization, its peculiarities and Russian ideas. The idea of ​​trickery should be to create a cult of “we can do everything by ourselves” and “we don’t need anyone because others just poison us”, and the idea of ​​Russia’s mission to save the world also runs through this.

As a reminder, recently Dmitry Medvedev, a close associate of Putin, said that Russia will have to de-Nazify Europe as well. One of the main postulates of Putin’s special military operation is, as they say, the “denazification of Ukraine”. In addition, it was suggested at the seminar that Putin must achieve the best election result so far.

In the last election, Putin received slightly less than 77 percent of the vote, so now the plan is to exceed that percentage. All this is more or less expected because these are ideas propagated for years by the radical right-wing ideologue Aleksandar Dugin, and are based on the statements of Putin’s favorite philosopher Ivan Ilyin, who is called the father of “Russian fascism”, writes Jutarnji list.

Jutarnji list reminds us that Vladimir Putin has been in power for 23 years (from 2008 to 2012, Dmitry Medvedev was the formal head of state, only to guard the Kremlin throne for him).

He is currently serving his fourth presidential term, and two years ago, by changing the constitution, which canceled the previous mandates, he allowed himself two more terms of at least six years, so he could rule until 2036, that is, until he is 84 years old, which would made him the longest-lived Russian ruler in history.

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