Who was Milic Minja Sakovic, a member of the “scalping clan” who was killed in Budva? – Society

Who was Milic Minja Sakovic, a member of the “scalping clan” who was killed in Budva? – Society
Who was Milic Minja Sakovic, a member of the “scalping clan” who was killed in Budva? – Society

One of the high-ranking members of the Skaljar clan, Milić Minja Šaković, was killed last night at around 11:40 PM in Budva.

He was killed in the Budva cafe Korkovado.

Budva police found a bag with a gun that killed Podgorica’s Milić Minja Šaković half an hour before midnight.

This was confirmed to Vijesti by the police.

A medium-sized man who was dressed in a white shirt and had a white cap was filmed on video surveillance of a nearby restaurant, and inspectors are analyzing the footage.

For now, there are several different versions of where the killer came from and how Sakovic was killed, the police are on the ground and investigating last night’s events.

Who was Sakovic

According to informed sources, due to the long-term war between the “scalping” and “Kavac” clans, Sakovic was very careful. He rarely left the house, and he used only an armored car and moved only accompanied by security.

Milic Minja Sakovic in police documents, he was considered a high-ranking member of the “scalar clan”, but also the leader of the Podgorica branch, who has been the target of murderers from the rival clan several times in the last few years.

Sakovic survived on September 8, 2017, after the killers shot him in the chest with an automatic rifle with five bullets in the cafe “Auto Zeta” in the center of Podgorica, while he was waiting for his car to be washed at the service station.

On that day, Ivan Nedović from Podgorica, the son of the owner of the car service, was killed in a mafia attack. He was neither guilty nor obliged to be at the table with Šaković at the time when the masked killer shot from the machine gun.

Sakovic survived that day, most likely thanks to his brother Marko Sakovic, who threw himself over him and knocked him to the floor.

At the beginning of March 2021, the police arrested a five-member organized criminal group, which is charged with planning the murder of Milić Minja Šaković.

The Special State Prosecutor’s Office believed that they had prevented the group from killing Sakovic, and in the encrypted telephones of those arrested for planning the liquidation, investigators found several photos of him – from the window of the family house in Zagoric, yard…

SDT and the police believe that the members of the group planned to kill Šaković from a nearby rented apartment from a sniper, lurked for a moment to shoot when he went out into the yard of his house in Zagorič, and then fled in a small car and set it on fire on the outskirts of the city.

The Special State Prosecutor’s Office also conducted an investigation after Milić Minja Šaković was left without an armored Audi on December 15, 2020. Fake buyers then stole his car and instead of several tens of thousands of euros, as was the agreement, they left a forged passport.

The case is in the hands of the SDT, due to the grounds for suspicion that they intended to kill Sakovic even then.

In mid-December 2017, two months after surviving his injury, Šaković reported to the police that he was chasing a man through the streets of Zagorice, who allegedly came to his house by bicycle to kill him.

Then, the footage from the surveillance cameras was submitted by CB Podgorica, which shows a man, disguised as a phantom, with a backpack on his back, sneaking around his home.

Sakovic killed as a minor

As a minor, Milić Minja Šaković killed Miro Baošić (26) from Podgorica in Zagorič at the end of August 2005.

At that time, Šaković and his brother Marko (19), hidden in the bushes, were waiting for Baošić in front of his house in that neighborhood, and then he shot, which is why the young man died half an hour later at the Clinical Center in Podgorica.

Due to the murder of Baošić, the minor Šaković was sentenced to 10 years, but his sentence as a minor was changed to an educational measure of one to four years by the decision of the Court of Appeals. His brother Marko Šaković was sentenced to 12 years, but that prison was later reduced.

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