Thousands of fans welcomed Djokovic, the champion said: These are definitely the most beautiful moments in life

Thousands of fans welcomed Djokovic, the champion said: These are definitely the most beautiful moments in life
Thousands of fans welcomed Djokovic, the champion said: These are definitely the most beautiful moments in life

Djokovic showed the fans the championship trophy from Wimbledon, and the crowd chanted: “Nole, Nole!”.

“Good evening Belgrade, good evening Serbia. These are definitely the most beautiful moments in life. When I have the blessing to play the sport that I love so much, that I have been doing all my life, a sport in which I have achieved really great successes that I am proud of, but I am most proud when I can return home and share my joy with my people. Thank you, you are wonderful,” Djokovic told the crowd.

He repeatedly repeated that such events and moments mean perhaps more to him than the trophies he won.

“This is something I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life. These people have no obligation to be here. You brightened my day, evening, year and life. You are wonderful, many Serbian tricolor women, children, young people… That fulfills me heart. I love you forever,” added the best Serbian tennis player while shouts of “Nola Srbina” were heard.

Djokovic pointed out that this is not the first time he is on the balcony of the Old Palace.

“I had the privilege of being on this balcony with the Davis Cup national team, and with national team members Jelena Janković and Ana Ivanovic, a big round of applause for them. Janko Tipsarević, Viktor Troicki, these are the champions of our sport, which had no tradition in our country until recently Djokovic continued.

He pointed out that Slobodan Boba Živojinović and Monika Seles marked a generation of Serbian tennis.

“It was difficult during the nineties, for us at least as much as people struggled in different parts of life, but in those 10-15 years tennis players grew up, that strengthened us and gave us an additional incentive. That’s why I’m here today, exactly that one Serbian stubbornness, that will to live, to win…”, Djokovic pointed out.

He said that he was trying to explain to the Americans what Serbian spite is.

“But there is no word that translates it into the English language. It is roughly something that symbolizes and signifies the spirit of our heavenly people, who in all spheres of life persevere and show heart and will when it is most difficult. Such is our destiny, to always pass a thorny path. But we always say, who knows why it’s good. At the end of every tunnel there is light, you are that light,” Djokovic told the fans in front of the Stari dvor.

Djokovic stated that the year started badly for him, as he was deported from Australia.

“It’s something that shook me and my family and close people a lot. The year started in an ugly way for me, what happened in Australia happened, but for months I was followed by the experience, those wrong views and judgments,” Djokovic reminded and continued:

“It is Christian to forgive, and we are Christians, we look, we forgive, only God knows and the people around me what happened, I wouldn’t want to talk about it now and seem like I’m complaining. That all influenced this moment, motivated inspired me to return to the paths of old glory, to fight for the biggest trophies in sport”.

Djokovic was welcomed in the Old Palace by the Mayor of Belgrade Aleksandar Šapić, the President of the City Assembly Nikola Nikodijević and the Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovićič.

The Serbian tennis player won the 21st Grand Slam trophy in London.

Wimbledon has a special place in my heart

The best Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic said that Wimbledon has a special place in his heart.

Djokovic spoke at a media conference after the ceremonial reception tonight.

“The circle of six months is closed. Beating the Australian in the final, it has some symbolism. I believed in myself. I was physically ready. I just didn’t know or expect how much what was happening in Australia would affect me. I believed in myself , I believe that time is working in my favor. Wimbledon comes as usual at an ideal moment,” said Djokovic.

I would like to play in the Olympic Games in Paris

Djokovic stated that he would like to play at the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

“I don’t currently have a limit in my head and a time limit for when I could end my career. That topic is forbidden in my team and my family. I don’t feel that I am disabled physically that I have to end my career. My great desire is hunger for victories,” he said. Djokovic.

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