“I married him, when he died I stepped into his shoes”

“I married him, when he died I stepped into his shoes”
“I married him, when he died I stepped into his shoes”

The famous actor Žarko Laušević left us last week at the age of 63, while many do not know that he was the godfather of his famous colleague Josif Tatić, who died in 2013.



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Zarko, Josif

Hot once talked about their godfatherism, while talking about a play in which they both played.

Photo: Vesna Lalić / Ringier

Žarko Laušević

This role, due to circumstances, was once played by my godfather. I was his best man at the wedding, it’s Josif Tatić. Unfortunately, after his death in 2013, the show threatened to be shut down, but Miša Janketić stepped in, and later they offered me to step into those shoes. “Why wouldn’t you come back?”, they said. I have never cursed as much in my life as I do in this role… (laughs) – Žarko once told the media about the play “Huddersfield” and Tatić.

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Josif Tatić

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Lauš spoke about Joseph in his book “Everything passes, even for life”. At the time, he emphasized that “hardly anyone can get angry” at him, even at his “most direct and heaviest curses”.

As a reminder, the funeral and cremation of actor Žarko Laušević will take place today, Monday, November 20, at the New Cemetery in Belgrade starting at 2 p.m.

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