It is known when Novak Djokovic comes to the Serbian camp before the Davis Cup

It is known when Novak Djokovic comes to the Serbian camp before the Davis Cup
It is known when Novak Djokovic comes to the Serbian camp before the Davis Cup
After a night in which he certainly celebrated a great success for a long time, the cup at the final Masters and secured “number 1” at the end of the year, Novak Djokovic left Turin and headed for Spain. However, before joining the team, he will set aside at least one day for his family.

Together with his heirs, Stefano and Tara, the best tennis player in the world will not immediately come to Málaga, where he will lead the Serbian national team in a victory at Salatar, but will go to Marbella, where he will spend the night and be with his family.

In addition to the children, Novak will be accompanied by his wife Jelena and his brother Marko, who lives in Marbella.

He will have his first training session with the Serbian national team on Tuesday, and he will also have obligations to the media, as a press conference for the Serbian team will be held on Tuesday.

Laslo Đere and Miomir Kecmanović did training in the Martin Karpena gym this Monday, respectively Dusan Lajović and Hamad Međedović.

Let’s start with Serbia’s quarter-final match on Thursday against Great Britain, which came to Spain with a weakened team without Andy Mario and Dan Evans.

Novak opened “club 400”!

The Final Masters in Turin has been completed! Novak Djokovic managed to defend his title, since in the final, played on Sunday, he defeated the super-talented young Italian tennis player Yannick Sinner 2:0, in sets 6:3, 6:3, and it is already known what the ATP list looks like.

Another title and another record! Novak Djokovic has overcome Janika Siner with 2:0 (6:3, 6:3) and named himself the champion of the Final Masters for the seventh time. Even though Janik played the tennis of his life, even though he had the crowd in Turin on his side, he couldn’t do it against the incredible Serb, all he had to do was lay down his arms in front of the best.

Novak needed only one victory in Turin to stay on top of the ATP list, and after the first round it was already known who would end the year as world number one.

Since he managed to defend the title, it is clear that there was more than one victory, and the first place is “cemented”, and what happens to the other tennis players?

What does the ATP list look like after the Final Masters?

1. Novak Djokovic 11,245 points
2. Carlos Alcaraz 8,855 points
3. Danil Medvedev 7,600 points
4. Janik Sinner 6,490 points
5. Andrei Rublev 4,805 points
6. Stefanos Tsitsipas 4,235 points
7. Alexander Zverev 3,985 points
8. Holger Runes 3,660 points
9. Hubert Hurkac 3,245 points
10. Taylor Fritz 3,100 points

Exclusive! Sportal and the stars together: Nole, happy 400 weeks on the throne – step to 500!

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