IDF releases footage of Hamas bringing hostages to Al Shifa, claims one hostage killed in hospital (video)

IDF releases footage of Hamas bringing hostages to Al Shifa, claims one hostage killed in hospital (video)
IDF releases footage of Hamas bringing hostages to Al Shifa, claims one hostage killed in hospital (video)

One of the hostages was visibly wounded in the hand and was placed on a hospital bed, while the other was forcibly dragged into the hospital, The Times of Israel reported.

“These videos prove that the terrorist organization Hamas used the Al Shifa hospital on the day of the massacre itself as a terrorist infrastructure,” according to the IDF.

IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari told a news conference that Hamas later took the two wounded hostages to hideouts and that the Red Cross could not visit them, and that their whereabouts were currently unknown.

The footage also shows stolen IDF vehicles being brought to the medical center.

IDF: Corporal Noah Marciano killed in hospital

According to the IDF, a member of the Israeli army who was among the abductees was also killed in the Al Shifa hospital.

“Corporal Noa Marciano (19) was killed after being brought to Al Shifa Hospital with minor injuries,” it was ordered from the IDF.

– We have conveyed to Noa’s family our new information according to which she was kidnapped and taken to a hiding place in a house near Al Shifa – said the spokesman of the Israeli forces, Daniel Hagari, at a press conference.

He added that “during IDF airstrikes in that area, a Hamas terrorist who was holding Noah was killed.”

– She was wounded in an airstrike, but her injuries were not life-threatening. Noa was taken to Al Shifa Hospital, where she was killed by another Hamas terrorist – Hagar stated.

The BBC recalls that Hamas previously claimed that Marciano was killed in an Israeli airstrike, which the IDF says took place on November 9.

Doctor from Al Shifa Hospital: Israeli forces are constantly questioning us about Hamas

A doctor at Al Shifa Palestinian Hospital in Gaza, Ahmed el Mihalati, said that Israeli forces are constantly questioning hospital employees about Hamas.

The usual question is – do you know anything about the Hamas group, do you know anything about the tunnels under the hospital? – said Dr. El Mihalati to CNN, adding that the staff is restricted from moving around the hospital, which was entered by the Israeli army last week.

A number of patients were evacuated over the weekend from Al Shifa, including 31 babies, who were transferred to Al-Helal al-Emirati Hospital in southern Gaza.

El Mohallatali said that two babies and two adults died on Saturday, leaving 259 patients, seven doctors and five nurses in the hospital.

Photo: Abed Khaled / Tanjug/AP

The wounded woman is taken to the Al Shifa hospital

He emphasized that the hospital remains without anesthetics, oxygen bottles, medicines and blood reserves.

Appealing to the international community to help, El Mohalati is stated that Israeli forces delivered water and food to the hospital only once.

Israel claims that there are Hamas command centers and tunnels under Gaza’s largest hospital, while the Palestinian militant group rejects these claims.

(Tanjug, BBC)

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