Andy Roddick said that Novak changed the history of tennis Sports

Andy Roddick said that Novak changed the history of tennis Sports
Andy Roddick said that Novak changed the history of tennis Sports

Novak Djokovic pushes the boundaries of tennis history every day, and the former best tennis player in the world, Andy Roddick, spoke about this.

There are players who are in the Hall of Fame and have not won 25 tournaments, let alone 25 Grand Slams. He completely changed the narrative in tennis.”said the former world number one Andy Roddick about Novak Djokovic.

After the unreal Serb won his seventh career final Masters and managed to break another Roger Federer record, Roddick was asked to offer his early predictions for the Australian Open. That’s why he talked about 25 Grand Slams later, since he first said that he believed Djokovic would defend his title in Melbourne.

That’s my boring prediction and I’ll keep repeating it. I said yesterday and I said three days ago that I will not bet against Novak Djokovic. It’s not that I don’t believe that someone else can beat him, but I wouldn’t put money against Novak Djokovic. And I certainly haven’t changed my mind in the past few days after what he did to Alcaraz and Ciner“, he emphasized.

Throughout the final Masters in Turin, he commented on the tennis player’s games, and when Sinner managed to beat Novak in the group stage, the American pointed out that it might be Sinner’s best match he will ever play.

Look, when the book is written about Sinner, he’s going to look back and say, ‘Hey, that might have been the best match I ever played and the start of a string of matches that led to me becoming a grand slam winner.’ But it’s amazing how Janik Siner played from start to finish, because Novak is also good. It’s not often he plays that well and loses.”Roddick said then.

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