SHE LEAVES THE ‘ELITE’ FOREVER! Nikola secured a safe place in the reality show, and HER support scheduled this evening with votes! (VIDEO)


He is leaving “Elite” forever!

Like every week, it’s time for someone to leave the magnificent estate and the most watched reality show program Elite. Tonight’s nominated participants are Vesna Ćuruvija, Nikola Jovanović and Dušan Tomić Šan.

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The host Darko Tanasijevic he explained to the nominees the rules of the game that will double the votes for the winner, and Nikola refused to participate in the game for no reason The big boss. And Shan won the game, because Vesna also gave up.

Photo: TV Pink Printscreen

Due to the smallest number of your votes, Vesna Ćuruvija left “Elite”.

Nikola Jovanović has 40 percent of the votes, Šan has 37 percent of the votes, Vesna Ćuruvi has 23 percent of the votes and she is leaving Elite – said Darko.

Photo: TV Pink Printscreen

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