Lose 5 pounds in three days with the military diet

Lose 5 pounds in three days with the military diet
Lose 5 pounds in three days with the military diet

Military diet it is one of the most popular because it lasts for a short time and promises to lose as much as five kilograms in just three days.

During this diet, you must follow strictly certain rules in order to speed up your metabolism and reduce your body weight. If you do not like to exercise and want to lose weight with the help of this diet, get ready for a reduced calorie intake, which must not exceed 1,500 during the day. The diet works by following a strict menu for three days, while for the remaining four days you can combine foods from the list of permitted foods as you wish.

The first three days of the week you should have only three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), while snacks are strictly prohibited.

According to this plan, you will consume 1,400 calories on the first day of the week, 1,200 on the second, and 1,100 on the third. It is recommended that you follow the military diet for a month.

During the aforementioned three days of the week, the consumption of the following 16 foods is allowed:

– whole grain bread
– salty crackers
– grapefruit
– apples
– bananas
– eggs
– peanut butter
– cheddar cheese
– fresh cheese
– tuna
– green beans
– carrots
– broccoli
– hot dogs
– meat
– vanilla ice cream.

When it comes to drinking, during the military diet it is advisable to drink water and herbal teas regularly. It is also allowed to drink caffeinated tea or coffee, but only up to two cups a day and without additives such as sugar, cream and other sweeteners.

The breakfast: A cup of hot drink (coffee or tea), a slice of toasted bread (preferably whole grain), 2 teaspoons of peanut butter and half a grapefruit
Lunch: Half a cup of tuna, a slice of toast, coffee or tea
Dinner: 80 grams of any lean meat or chicken, a cup of green beans, half a banana, a small apple and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

The breakfast: An egg, half a banana, a slice of toast
Lunch: A cup of cottage cheese, a hard-boiled egg and five saltine crackers
Dinner: Two hot dogs (without bread), a cup of broccoli, half a cup of grated carrot, half a banana, and half a cup of vanilla ice cream

The breakfast: Coffee or tea with one to two teaspoons of sweetener, five saltine crackers, 26 grams of cheese and one small apple
Lunch: A hard-boiled egg and a slice of toast
Dinner: A cup of tuna, half a banana and one cup of vanilla ice cream.

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