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Despite the Government’s decision to award 20,000 dinars in aid to those employees of the Post Office who give up the suspension of work and the pressure to return to work, today the striking workers decided to stick to their demands.

As the postman Srđan Popadić told Danas, the government repeated its offer to give a 10 percent raise in November and another 10 percent in January, then 5,000 dinars in redress, as well as the aforementioned 20,000 dinars in aid, but a large number of people started to stop work. almost a month ago, he still decided to stick with the demand for a salary increase of at least 30 percent.

“Today, a lot of people gathered in front of the GPC, even though the protest is breaking down little by little, and the vast majority decided to remain suspended even with our demands.” They told us that if we don’t continue working by 10 o’clock tonight, they will accuse us of a coup d’état,” says Popadić, adding, “we’ll see what we have to do next.”

Today, 11 permanently employed postmen from Subotica stopped their work and joined the strike of the majority of the employees of the Post of Serbia, who are dissatisfied with the low wages and poor working conditions in that company.

“In Subotica, letters are now delivered by only two or three postmen who work on contracts, mostly new workers, who can deliver a very small number of letters around the city,” he told the Fog Sweeper portal a representative of a group of striking workers who wished to remain anonymous.

According to him, 10 employees of Post Express, which works on package delivery, went on strike a week ago.

The employees of the Post of Serbia demand a 30 percent higher salary, the employment of a larger number of workers, as well as the permanent employment of those who are employed for a certain period of time.

Last week, the government signed an agreement with the unions, which are not the organizers of the strike nor are they involved in the strike, according to which the workers of the Post Office, apart from the management, will each receive 20,000 dinars in one-time aid and two raises of 10 percent each, one immediately and the other in January next year.

After rejecting the Government’s proposal last week, President Aleksandar Vučić accused those who did not accept the offer of being “politically organized”, and called those who accepted the offer “honorable and responsible and honest people”.

Earlier this month, the management of the Post Office came out with a planwhich also, according to acting general director Zoran Đorđević, supported the introduction of a bonus system for additional work, but the workers refused and now no one even mentions it.

The average salary of a postman is around 55,000 dinars, including pension and a hot meal. The average net salary in Serbia in August was 86,112 dinars. Even the media salary, of which half of the employees in the country receive a lower salary and half a higher salary, was about 10,000 dinars higher than the postal salary and amounted to 66,401 dinars.

On Friday, the police entered the JP of the Serbian Post and how they are reported by the mediaare checking the operations of this company.

The evening before, members of the Criminal Police Administration and the Tax Police raided the premises of a private company D express owned by United Group and spent almost seven hours there without leaving a single document behind.

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