European leaders were gripped by the shame of the Holocaust

European leaders were gripped by the shame of the Holocaust
European leaders were gripped by the shame of the Holocaust

ANKARA – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said today that Israel uses all modern means of warfare, including threats to drop atomic bombs on women, children and the elderly, while Western countries hesitate to even use the term “ceasefire”, saying that European leaders are “struck by shame” because of the Holocaust”, reports Tanjug.

“The shame of the Holocaust gripped European leaders. Not only officials, but also Western intellectuals, journalistic organizations and human rights organizations seek to justify Israel. The Israeli administration is also using the Holocaust as a shield for attacks that amount to genocide against the Palestinians,” Erdogan said after the Cabinet meeting, reports Anadolu Agency.

He warned that Israel was trying to break the resilience of Gazans by deliberately bombing hospitals in the besieged enclave.

“Israel and its supporters who use all modern means of war against children, women, the elderly will be judged in the conscience of humanity,” the Turkish leader said, adding that since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza, the Palestinian enclave “has experienced crimes and cruelty similar to those of the medieval crusades and the Second World War”.

Erdogan pointed out that Turkey is “the only country” that Israel cannot call anti-Semitic.

“You cannot see such a stain of shame in Turkey’s past.” If we do not react to what is happening in Gaza, we will not be able to prevent the occupying fanaticism from reaching our countries tomorrow”, he said.

He reiterated his support for the people of Gaza who are struggling to survive “under the immoral and heinous” attacks of Israel and added that about 800 tons of humanitarian aid was sent to Egypt from Turkey.

After the only oncology hospital in Gaza was hit, Erdogan stated that a total of 88 patients had been transferred to Turkey.

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