Crvena zvezda took advantage of Partizan’s setback, Sailor just a better “sparring partner” – Sport


The red and whites had no major problems in the first match of the season in the “Aleksandar Nikolić” hall. Mornar was no match for the Crvena Zvezda basketball players, who took advantage of Partizan’s setback against Cedevit Olimpija for the seventh Abaliga triumph since the start of the competitive year (95:75).

Although it is the opening phase of the season, the fact that after eight rounds the red and whites have two more Abaliga victories than Partizan is not negligible.

Due to the occupancy of the Belgrade Arena, the Crvena Zvezda basketball players hosted Mornar from Bar tonight in the “Aleksandar Nikolić” hall.

Janis Sferopoulos could at least breathe a little, when it comes to the health bulletin, considering that Marko Simonović returned to the team after several weeks of absence due to injury.

Shabaz Napier remained in civilian clothes, just like captain Branko Lazić and Adam Hanga.

Barani arrived in Belgrade with the epithet of one of the weakest teams with only one victory and extremely porous defense.

The Greek expert took the opportunity to play all twelve players, aware that the rival is of such strength that he can, to a certain extent, rest the holders of the game.

There was almost no suspense, especially from the middle of the second leg.

Mornar presented the Belgrade audience with several offensively interesting American players, but defensively, Mihail Pavićević’s team seems as diverse as a beginner on the guitar.

Nedović got the opportunity to play off his teammates and in that aspect he excelled to the maximum (11p, 9as).

By the end of the third quarter, Zvezda had as many as 25 successful passes for 78 given points, i.e. 30 realized possessions.

At times, Moranar gave the impression of a team that does not deserve the position of torchbearer, however, in order to improve the score (1-7), they will have to significantly improve their defensive game.

Zvezda had five double-digit basketball players, among whom there was no Teodosić, whom Sferopoulos wanted to relieve as much as possible and rest before the next challenges, primarily in the Euroleague.

The triumph is important in the sense that after the eighth round, the red and whites are alone at the top of the league table as the only team with only one lost match.

Mike Toby was the most effective in Zvezda with 16 points, Simonović added 13, while Gedraitis, Nedović and Lazarević gave 11 each.

Everyone except Teodosić is on the list of scorers, while the red and whites with 95 points equaled this season’s Abaliga record set against Budućnost, counting the matches played at home.

As early as Friday, the Serbian giant is expecting a very important Euroleague match with Armani in the Belgrade Arena.

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