Remy to the taste of Italy and to the sadness of Ukraine, and Slovenia at the European Championship – Sport


In the qualification derby of the evening, the Italians drew without goals in a direct duel, leaving Ukraine without a place in the European Championship. Together with the Azur, the Slovenian national team is also looking forward to participating.

Despite being the official European champions, the Italian footballers played tonight in Leverkusen a match for qualification to the continental championship next year.

Ukraine was nominally the host in the German city, more precisely the home of Bayer, but failed in its intention to overcome Azure.

Only victory was suitable for Rebrov’s selectors, considering that they had a worse goal difference compared to the Italians (the same number of points in the division of the second and third position in the table).

Regardless of the importance of the game, there were not too many chances on both sides, on the contrary.

Although the match was played at a very solid intensity, Ukraine had a more concrete chance only in the 66th minute when Mudrik made a great shot but Donnarum made an even better save.

As the match drew closer to the final outcome, the Italians “killed” the rhythm more and more, aiming to use “passive” possession to force the rival to take a more risky approach.

In the last fifteen minutes, the Ukrainians tried to force the rival into his penalty area by total pressing, with all lines concentrated in the opponent’s half, however, apart from the possible contact between Kristante and Mudrik in stoppage time, which was not characterized as a penalty, nothing more important was seen in Leverkusen .

The Italians qualified for next year’s European Championship, and the draw will be held on December 2 from the fourth hat.

At the same time, the second place in the continental championship will be celebrated by Slovenian football players.

Also, in a direct match with Kazakhstanon, they managed to book tickets for Germany with the goals of Šeško and Verbić.

The Kazakhs had the best qualifying cycle since they moved to the European qualifiers, ending with a goal to equalize (1:1), but Benjamin Verbić in the 86th minute, assisted by Petar Stojanović, made the final 2:1.

The Slovenian national team qualified for the European Championship as the second-placed team in group H, together with Denmark, while the first-placed Englishmen are next to the Italians in group C.

Tonight, Albania and the Czech Republic just confirmed their passage to the continental championship from Group E.

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