Debutants: “Serbia’s invitation is not rejected”

Debutants: “Serbia’s invitation is not rejected”
Debutants: “Serbia’s invitation is not rejected”

On Saturday, the players of Serbia welcome Sweden in the fifth round of group B4 of the League of Nations.

Our team needs a win in order to fight for first place in the group and move to the A division of this competition on Tuesday in Oslo and in a direct duel with Norway.

Coach Dragan Stojković has called up two debutants for these two matches, Red Star winger Stefan Mitrović and Almeria stopper Srđan Babić. The two of them addressed the media today in the premises of the Football Association of Serbia.

Babić emphasized that he had an offer from Bosnia and Herzegovina to play for that national team.

“I am grateful to the coach for the invitation. It is a huge honor to train and hang out with these great guys. It means a lot to me. I hope for the best in the next two matches, we will go for the win against Sweden and Norway, that is not in question. With more than 80 percent of these guys I played in the younger selections, we talked on the phone before the gathering and I knew what was waiting for me. I was with them with all my heart during the qualifiers, I congratulated them after the magnificent victory in Lisbon. I am glad that Serbian football is experiencing a renaissance in recently. I have been a part of the national team since I was 14 years old and I understand this as a wonderful return. The selector gave me a chance and I will do my best to justify his trust. The national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina was also interested in me, but for me it was never there was no dilemma. Coach Stojković’s invitation is not rejected”, said Babic.

Stefan Mitrović, who could also play for Canada, did not have a dilemma after Serbia’s invitation.

The first impressions are phenomenal, it is a great honor for me to play for Serbia, the country where I was born. Canada was also very interested, I have been in contact with people from their federation for the last two months. However, when a player of such size as Dragan Stojković Pixi is called up, the dilemma must not exist. I was delighted when he called me and I immediately broke down and made a decision. I could not even in my wildest dreams have expected that everything would happen so quickly in my career. first signing for Zvezda, and only a month later an invitation to the A national team of Serbia. This is more of a motivation for me to continue to improve and improve as a football player“, he said Mitrovic.

The match between Serbia and Sweden will be played on Saturday at 20:45 at the Red Star Stadium.

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