Nedovi: It is unreal that I am in Zvezda; Serbian players were washed away VIDEO

Nedovi: It is unreal that I am in Zvezda; Serbian players were washed away VIDEO
Nedovi: It is unreal that I am in Zvezda; Serbian players were washed away VIDEO

Nemanja Nedovi joined his new teammates in Crvena Zvezda after an unsuccessful performance at Eurobasket.

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Nedovi played two games in the group stage in Prague, and then did not play in Berlin, despite the therapy he went to during the championship.

After all, he joined the red and whites, who will travel to Cyprus on Wednesday for the last preparatory tournament before the start of the new season on the Adriatic.

“I worked out my recovery plan while the team was in Turkey. It was easy to introduce myself to work. I could have started earlier, but there was no need to rush. I don’t need much, I was already in the training process with the national team . If I can say, I’d be top for the first round.” Nedov told reporters.

How does it feel to be in Zvezda again?

“It’s unreal. Now that I was approaching, the memories came back. I’m still not aware that I’m there. When I go out in front of the fans for the first time and play the first minutes, I’ll probably become aware. I’m still waiting for the moment when I go abroad It’s unreal, but they’ll get used to it.”

Is there any fatigue?

“More psychological and emotional than physical. All that happened at the European Championship emptied us emotionally. I was part of the team in 2015 when we missed the final against Lithuania, but now it was worse and I can see from the other games that everything affected us and that all psyches were washed away after this championship”.

He tried to Nedovi during the championship to come back and go for treatments. But he did not manage to return.

“If I hadn’t gone to that, I would have gone crazy in Prague, if I hadn’t done anything and just sat in the hotel. I went for treatment and that was encouraging and I was told that I could play in the semi-finals if I wanted to push. Unfortunately, there was no need for it, but that treatment will definitely come in handy”.

Nedovi pointed out that he had a little talk with coach Jovanovi, and he will get to know his ideas better during the upcoming preparations in Cyprus.

“I think that we are well filled in every position and that we have two or three quality players in each position. It takes a little time to get used to it, I watched the games in Turkey and it takes time.” he said to Ned.

He will be expected to be the leader of the new Red Star team.

“I think I have enough experience to be a leader. I’m preparing in my head for it. I know it’s not easy here and I took all that into account when I decided to come back. I think I’m mature enough for all that and I can’t wait“.

Zvezda, it seems, will be more offensive than what the fans are used to under some previous coaches.

“I see a lot of freedom in the game and I think that it is planned in relation to the team that the coach has. We seniors will help him, because he is a young coach and for the first time he will be in such an important role. We must all work together towards the same goal.” , concluded Nedovi and revealed that he will wear number 26.

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