And now Lukashenko: It won’t happen

And now Lukashenko: It won’t happen
And now Lukashenko: It won’t happen

After the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko also declared that there will be no mobilization in Belarus.

Source: Sputnik Friday, 23.09.2022. | 10:57 -> 11:53


He called the claims of the opposition structures that, after the partial mobilization in Russia, mobilization in Belarus will follow as lies.

“That is the mobilization in Russia. What they are trying to pass on to us is that it will be the same here… and what if it doesn’t happen? You, who spread propaganda (state media), would be crushed because of it. And nothing will happen to them. They need to create a tense situation. To grab something. There won’t be any mobilization. That’s a lie,” it was announced on Telegram, a channel of journalists who follow the president’s activities.

Previously, the State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus, Aleksandar Volfovich, stated that there will be no need for mobilization because Belarus is ready to resist attacks with the help of forces that are intended for peacetime.

Let us remind you that the decree of the Russian President of September 21 announced a partial mobilization in Russia. According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, a total of 300,000 reservists will be called up, which is slightly more than one percent of Russia’s total mobilization reserves.

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