Marina Maljkovi: That’s what happened

The head coach of Serbia, Marina Maljkovi, said that her team achieved a great victory against Japan at Mundobasket with responsible and team play.

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“A big victory. We already knew from Tokyo what kind of team Japan is. They won the silver medal there. Besides, I know very well the quality of the Japanese league and it’s really a big thing that we won with these young players who have now stepped up in the right way “she said Maljkovi conveyed by the Koarkaki alliance.

Serbia beat Japan 69:64 in Sydneyin the second round of Group B and achieved the first triumph at the World Championship.

“I keep hearing how we made a change of generations, that we have a young team. But the biggest problem is the lack of quality in the domestic league, so all these girls are not only young, but also have no experience from strong competitions. That’s why this victory is twice as big, against a team I travel a lot”, the selector stated.

When asked what the game plan was, Maljkovi said that the biggest plan was for “everyone to play the best they can, make fewer fouls and do what they have to do”.

“And that happened. Everyone understood the responsibility. Now we had less turnovers, more assists. Everyone had to do their job, because we were playing against a good team. If anyone had fallen asleep, we wouldn’t have been able to get this big the team”she added.

Maljkovi highlighted the importance of captain Tina Krajinik’s game.



“When there was a change of generations, when Sonja, Jelana, Ana, Diana, and even Crvandkei, who is no longer with us, stopped playing, I decided that Tina would be the captain, and that said a lot. She has both human and player qualities to lead this team. It is not an easy task because we have a group of young players for whom all this is new. She, together with Yvonne and a few more experienced ones, help us to carry this group together and make them a real team.”said the coach.

Serbia got into many good positions against Japan, and according to the coach, she achieved this through teamwork.

“We were patient. Japan tortured us a lot, but we were ready for it and we were patient. This is a learning process. I push them to improve in less than 24 hours. To be a team, to create together, to be patient, to they play until they find the one who is in the best position to score”stated Maljkovieva.

The Serbian representative, Yvonne Anderson, said that the team was aware of the importance of the match, after the defeat in the first round against Canada.

“We went out knowing that this is a big game for us, that each next one will be crucial and that there is not much time to not do everything we can. Before the game we had a meeting and we knew that we had to be focused. I also knew that I had to I will be better, but the younger players have stepped up now and shown everything we did this summer, and we worked super smoothly. Everyone was involved and that’s why we got the result.”she stated Anderson.

“My job is to do everything the team needs, that’s what Marina is asking of me. Even though I didn’t guess, I knew we had to do something positive and I was chasing others. It’s good that now we had players who could hit. It’s a lot the defense was focused on me and it was a moment for me to assist. This is the result of a team effort.”added our representative.

Serbia will play against Australia in the third round on Sunday of 10 aces, Central European time.

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