Pixie was talking about the people of Marathon

Photo: Zorana Jevtić, Printscreen

Dragan Stojković Pixi was in a good mood at today’s conference before the game against Sweden. Tomorrow from 20.45 at the “Rajko Mitić” stadium.

Dragan Stojković Pixi
photo: FSS

Serbian football coach Dragan Stojković cracked jokes and made the assembled journalists laugh so well that some of them were holding their stomachs with laughter. Burglary, until burglary, we would say.

It was especially interesting when Dragan Stojković spoke about two of our national team members who have the same first and last name. It is about Stefan Mitrovićthe defender of Getafe and his namesake and last name, a much younger football player of Crvena zvezda.

Marathoners run a lap of honor
photo: Printskrin

Then he compared them to the heroes of the cult Serbian film “Marathonci run the lap of honor” directed by Slobodan Šijan and screenwriter Dušan Kovačević. Namely, in addition to the dead Pantelia, Maximilian, Aksentije, Milutin, Laki and Mirko Topalović also appear in the film.

Stefan Mitrovic
photo: FSS

The Serbian selector also thought about Aleksandar Mitrovićthe striker of Fulham and the best scorer of the national team.

Stefan Mitrovic
photo: Starsport

– As for Stefan Mitrović… This younger one, because we have Stefan Mitrović the elder. These Mitrovics of ours are like Topalovics to you. (laughs) We have as many as you want. So I have to emphasize, this younger one – said Dragan Stojković and continued:

– They certainly didn’t come here to take pictures. These are beautiful and handsome boys, but they came here to make their debut for the Serbian national team.

Aleksandar Mitrović, Serbia
photo: Starsport

The Serbian football team will play a match against Sweden in the fifth round of the League of Nations tomorrow evening from 20:45, and the audience will be boys and girls up to 14 years old. Three days later, on September 27, Serbia hosts Norway in Oslo, which closes the group stage of this competition.

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Bonus video:

Pixie revealed the World Cup trophy


Pixie revealed the World Cup trophy



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