The street musician was beaten by Samo Bob

Igor Kostić, a street musician from Knez Mihailova, better known as Elmaestro, accused the singer Boban Radojević, better known as Samo Bob, of brutally beating him.

The harmonica player, whom the people of Belgrade know for his great concerts, primarily Michael Jackson’s songs, and who performs in clubs and parties, contacted our editorial office and told in detail the inconvenience he experienced with a colleague who is playing various celebrations in Serbia and Europe, primarily because of the songs “Crni son” and “German policemen”. The incident happened, as he claims, because he asked the musicians to return part of the tip, which he had given them at first, but counted.

Street musician Igor Kostićphoto: Courier

– Last week I played in a hotel where he was also. I took a good tip and wanted to treat my colleagues. I was in a drunken state, I got a little carried away, so I gave more money than I planned. When I realized that, I told the keyboardist and asked to agree collegially to return some money to me. He agreed to it and told me to make a deal with Bob, but he refused. He called me a street person, a bum. When I headed home, we met in the parking lot. He hit me twice in the head and I reflexively hit him back. He was joined by the other musicians, three of them, who were hitting me. I fell on the asphalt. They kicked me – he claims.

Just Bob the Singer
Just Bob the Singerphoto: Courier

The musician says he is still in shock:

– When I got up, Bob broke the bottle on my head, threw a few punches and I was on the floor again. Everyone except the keyboard player kicked me in the head and body. Bob took the rest of the bottle and wanted to maim me, but the keyboard slowed him down, so he just cut me on the forearm. He kicked me a few more times while I was on the floor. Then he and his colleagues got into the car and fled. There I also dropped my wallet with documents and some small amount of money. When I got home, I told the girl everything. Kostić says that he reported the beating to the police. – The day after, I went to the emergency room for a head scan. I did all the checks. I reported the case to the police. I’m sick at home, I’m traumatized. I’m afraid. I want justice and to prevent violence. Last night I received threats from Boban, if I tell anyone about what happened, there will be more serious problems, they will involve some people to beat me or maybe kill me. If something happens to me, let it be known who will answer before the law – says Kostić.

Igor Kostić claims that he was injured by Samo Bobo
Igor Kostić claims that he was injured by Samo Bobophoto: Courier

We called Boban, who presented his version of events. – That guy was in a drunken state and insulted me and all the other colleagues at the party, including the singer who sang with us that evening. We calmed him down and returned the money. He even asked for a daily wage from us, even though he had nothing to do with us, nor was he part of our team for that celebration. To avoid conflict and to calm him down, we gave him money and called a taxi, just to go and calm down. When I went home, he was waiting for me in the parking lot and opened my car door. He attacked me and I was forced to defend myself. In the end, my musician stayed with him and put him in a taxi. That guy’s story is funny, because there are a lot of witnesses to confirm these allegations – said Bob for the Kurir.

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