Every woman wants to feel young even in her mature age: Here’s HOW a woman can be a woman to the end

Every woman wants to feel young even in her mature age: Here’s HOW a woman can be a woman to the end
Every woman wants to feel young even in her mature age: Here’s HOW a woman can be a woman to the end

How long that period will last depends on several factors. But the most important factor is our hormonal status and it is very individual how each of us will react to the period when the hormone level begins to slowly decrease. It is a process that lasts, it is menopause, and it is accompanied by certain changes in the body and on the body of the woman.

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The most common symptoms are sudden sensations of heat in the upper part of the body, insomnia followed by night sweats and increased “heart palpitations” that make it difficult to sleep, dryness of the vagina followed by irritation of the mucous membrane, itching and a feeling of tightness, and as a result of dryness of the vagina, sexual intercourse can also be painful. Also, it very often happens that changes in hormone levels are accompanied by changes in mood, which include stress, anxiety and depression.

We are talking about a very sensitive period for a woman, which is usually kept silent or very little talked about. Menopause should not be a taboo subject and women should not feel less valuable or less feminine during menopause. Every menopause symptom listed can be managed, and quite successfully.

A change in hormone levels, i.e. a drop in estrogen, is the most common reason for vaginal dryness during this period, although dryness also occurs during some medical conditions such as hysterectomy and other surgical interventions, endometriosis, cancer therapy, diabetes and high blood pressure. This unpleasant phenomenon in women can also be caused by a urinary infection, infection with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) or vaginal candidiasis.

Vaginal dryness is a discomfort that can easily be avoided, with special emphasis on the fact that women can go through menopause without this unpleasant symptom. How?


With the help of the phenomenal vaginal Oestrofact HL from Pharmanova, which are the ideal solution for women of all ages. They contain 10 mg of hyaluronic acid and 5 mg of lactic acid and have the task of moisturizing the vaginal mucosa, supporting its regeneration and reducing inflammation.

The benefits of using these vaginalettes include maintaining the appropriate pH value of the vagina, reducing discomfort during painful sexual intercourse, helping with the process of epithelization and healing of mucosal injuries after childbirth or surgical interventions, and preventing vaginal dryness due to aging, which implies a low level of estrogen, as well as when using contraceptives.


The Pharmanova company, in addition to these great vaginalettes, gave the ladies another great product – the dietary supplement Oestrofact E.

These are capsules enriched with red clover and vitamin E. They are a unique source of phytoestrogens, intended for ladies who are going through the sensitive period of menopause, during which the low level of estrogen causes the most problems.

Oestrofact E helps fight hot flashes, increased sweating, restlessness, nervousness and all other changes that accompany this period in women. These capsules are a great way to maintain shine and beauty, confidence and to enjoy every day.


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