Ivica Kralj: “It doesn’t matter what the management is, legends must be part of Partizan”

Ivica Kralj: “It doesn’t matter what the management is, legends must be part of Partizan”
Ivica Kralj: “It doesn’t matter what the management is, legends must be part of Partizan”

Partizan’s new sports director, Ivica Kralj, addressed the public today for the first time since assuming that position.

After Ivica, Ivica again. The famous goalkeeper Ivica Kralj will be the new operator of the club from Humska. He doesn’t feel the pressure, he regrets that his namesake Iliev left Partizan, but a new era

“Certainly this position carries a lot of responsibility, it’s something I’ve always wanted. I’m totally relaxed, maybe I experienced it as a normal sequence of events. In principle, in my career, I didn’t take any shortcuts, but I had to take some roundabout way. to the goal. I was the director of the scouting service here for five years. Ivica Iliev was a quality sports director, he made many good moves. It may seem strange to you, but I regret that he left Partizan. Now I am in that position. Sports director he has to communicate with the youth school, so in the coming period I will spend more time at Teleoptik than here at the stadium. I have known Albert Nađ and Gordan Petrić for decades, which will facilitate our communication when it comes to the first team.” points out Iliev and continues:

“When you are a part of public life, you have to get used to that pressure. It was the same when I was playing, then it was the highest possible pressure, when the game depends on you. I think there is no greater pressure than that. Now that you are in office , then they watch your moves through the eyes of a needle. I’ve never been afraid of that, what’s more, it’s a challenge for me. It’s up to all of us to work as a group. Lately we’ve been witnessing some strange happenings in the club and our surroundings, but these are secondary things. We should all deal with Partizan and make it what it is. My wish is that in the next period some more players will return. I have collaborated and am friends with Ivan Tomić, Bata Mirković, Predrag Mijatović, Milivoj Ćirković. I would really like them to be a part of Partizan in some way, as they would like. Nobody here should be attached to the former, present or future management. After all, we are all part of Partizan, we have spent decades here. You can imagine what I am all about passed from Partizan cadet to here. S you are attached to Partizan, not to certain people”.

When does the transfer window for Partizan start?

“It can be said that it lasts all year round. It would be ideal if you would already make a good idea for the winter, not to mention the summer, because the qualifications start quickly. It is up to us in the sports part to analyze and look at all those players, talking with Petrić to see what his ideas are, what kind of players he wants, who fit into his system… I have no doubt that together with the scouting network we will find adequate reinforcements, and of course on the other hand everything depends on departures, financial matters, what we can afford it. It’s easy to find a good and expensive player, you don’t need to be too smart, we simply have to find a player that we can support financially, and that he brings good games and a good transfer in a few years. We are had several transfers of seven or eight, 10 million euros, which is fantastic in our conditions. Now that I made a small digression with the president of Nice, they invested 150,000,000 euros in the transfer window, they have the idea that in two- compete with PSG for three years. Now when you compare their capabilities to ours, we were competitive on the field to say the least. We showed that we can play and we have the quality for that European competition.”stated Ivica Kralj.

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