Referendum in Ukraine prelude to an even bloodier war?

Photo: Kurir TV, AP/Ilya Pitalev, EPA/Stringer

The war in Ukraine flares up further and enters an even bloodier phase that not only scares the two states that are in conflict, but the whole world!

The situation is further complicated by the holding of referendums in four Ukrainian regions – Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye, which are under Russian control.



Voting started this morning, will last until September 27, and the question to which the residents will say “yes” or “no” is: “Are you in favor of secession from Ukraine, the formation of an independent state and its annexation to the Russian Federation as a subject of the Russian Federation ?”.

Silvija Slamnig, editor and presenter of the show Usijanje
Silvija Slamnig, editor and presenter of the show Usijanjephoto: Printscreen Kurir TV

The result is practically known in advance, and the authorities from Kiev say that its maintenance destroys any chance for negotiations.

They do not see reconciliation in Moscow either, but are even harsher – they say that they can use nuclear weapons in the event of a Ukrainian attack on the mentioned four territories. All this made the world tremble before the threat that could cause a new conflict on a global scale or a nuclear disaster.

Slobodan Samardžija, a former Politika correspondent from Moscow, and Milan Đukić, a lawyer and member of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, discussed these topics in the Usijanje show with host and editor Silvija Slamnig.

Slobodan Samardzija
Slobodan Samardzijaphoto: Printscreen Kurir TV

– If the referendum was organized by the USA, it would be legitimate, but this is how they say it is not. This is not a normal situation in Ukraine. This is the announcement of a complete change in the world. The people’s decision to join a party has justification. Europe will no longer exist after this – believes Samardzija.

Milan Djukic
Milan Djukicphoto: Printscreen Kurir TV

– It doesn’t matter which country organizes the referendum, the international law should be the same for everyone. This is far from it and the referendum can be neither legal nor legitimate. Ukraine is a sovereign state, and it was attacked. The conditions for holding a referendum do not exist, you have a large displacement of the population. Putin made an illogical sequence of steps. Before the war, he met with the leaders of the area where the referendum is now called, so the Duma accepted their independence, and now the referendum is called. You can see what his intention was all along – says Đukić.

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