Why did Djokovic kick his brother out of the stands

Why did Djokovic kick his brother out of the stands
Why did Djokovic kick his brother out of the stands

An unusual situation occurred at the end of the first set of the ATP tournament final in Adelaide between Novak Djokovic and Sebastian Korda. The best Serbian tennis player kicked his brother Marko out of the stands after losing a point and a set against the 22-year-old American player.

Djokovic suddenly turned towards the stands and pointed his hand at someone in the box and told him to leave the stands. He did the same and when he sat down on the chair, he continued to wave his hand for his brother to come out. In the end, he shouted at him a couple of times to leave the stands, and then the cameras showed his brother Mark leaving the stands. After that, Novak turned the match around.

Along with his brother Marko, Djokovic chased the manager Eduard and Elena, the lady in charge of relations with foreign media, from the stands. There are three circles of people in the lodge, Index writes, professional staff sits in the first row, family members behind them, and then friends and business partners. How they will all behave during the match is the sole responsibility of Eduardo and Elena.

The media write that they did not follow the rules of what Novak expects from people in his lodge. Their task is to carefully monitor the match and point out possible mistakes. The full focus must be on the match, and that was clearly not the case now.

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