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The famous Belarusian stood by the Serb at the Australian Open!

The famous Belarusian stood by the Serb at the Australian Open!
The famous Belarusian stood by the Serb at the Australian Open!

NOVAK Djokovic had a stormy press conference after his victory over Alex de Minor, when he talked about how many people want to portray him as a villain. All this was confirmed by Belarusian Victoria Azarenka.


She qualified for the semi-finals of the Australian Open after defeating Jisco Pegula agreed to everything she experienced in Melbourne in 2013.

The currently 24th ranked tennis player in the world requested a medical time-out on two occasions in the duel with Sloan Stevens due to injury problems. Although she had a broken rib, Azarenka defeated the American, only to be accused of simulating.

– Do you know what happened to me ten years ago? It’s real… It was one of the worst experiences for me in my professional career, the way I was treated afterwards, how I had to explain until 10.30pm because people didn’t believe me. I can completely understand what Novak Djokovic said yesterday – said Azarenka.

The two-time Grand Slam champion reminded the journalists that they are the ones who create the stories and determine who is good and who is not.

– I would say that there is a great desire among the public to write stories about villains and heroes. But we are neither heroes nor villains, we are ordinary human beings who have also been through a lot. Prejudices and assumptions, all those comments are s*** because nobody wants to see the whole story. It doesn’t matter how many times I told my side of the story, it didn’t go through. It took me ten years to get over it and I finally did – concluded the 33-year-old from Minsk and then apologized for swearing.

Let’s remind, Azarenka will play in the semi-finals of the Australian Open against Kazakhstan’s Elena Rybakina.

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