One of our most famous athletes has just ended his career

One of our most famous athletes has just ended his career
One of our most famous athletes has just ended his career

Serbian table tennis player Aleksandar Karakašević officially ended his playing career of more than three decades tonight at the match between Serbia and France in the qualifiers for the European Championship.

PHOTO: Tanjug

Karakašević is 47 years old, participated in the Olympic Games five times, won numerous medals at major competitions, 14 of which at the European Championships, and since 2017 he has been the president of the Association.

His farewell was attended by the Minister of Sports Zoran Gajić, President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia Božidar Maljković, President of the Sports Federation of Serbia Davor Štefanek, the legendary Zoran Kalinić and many others.

“I’m glad that the most important people of Serbian sport came. I thank them, but I really deserve it with my long career and the results I’ve achieved. Now I’m turning to contribute to table tennis in another way, and as specific as our sport is, I believe that we have a future,” Karakašević told Tanjug.

He added that he still regrets not winning an Olympic medal.

“I was so close, in Athens especially, plus four quarter-finals of the World Championships, but that’s all behind me. The career was long, successful, and now new challenges follow. Our problem is that we cannot promise an Olympic medal, the competition is strong , but we have Dimitrije Levajec, several girls who are close and I believe in them,” said Karakašević.

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