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They provoke Novak because they don’t want him to win Melbourne

Photo: Aleksandar Jovanović, AP Steve Christo

Novak Djokovic is under constant pressure at the Australian Open. He is the target of scathing comments and rude questions, especially those related to his hamstring injury.

Novak Djokovic
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The best tennis player today Novak Djokovic after the triumph over Alex De Minor (6:2, 6:1, 6:2) openly criticized the entire Australian public for suspecting his injury. Todd Woodbridge and Mark Philippoussis they said that the Serb exaggerates his health problems. That forced Novak to react more openly than ever, where he just wanted to defend himself from mean and insolent name-calling.

Regarding the whole Novak situation in Melbourne, where he is on his way to his tenth anniversary title in Australia and the 22nd Grand Slam of his career, we spoke to Radmil Armenulićtennis doyen and expert.

– Novak is under constant pressure. He is expected to consistently win tournaments and consistently win. It is a pressure that affects the head, fitness and psyche. But Novak knows how to deal with it. The fact is that he is injured. That’s for sure. The only question is to what extent, because any injury can get worse. Australians use that to provoke him. It annoys him, but also all of us who love him – Radmilo Armenulić told Kurir and continued:

Radmilo Armenulić
photo: Aleksandar Jovanović

– There is no doubt that they want to disrupt it. It was the same before the match with De Minor. They tried everything. They would like Novak not to win the tournament, but I think he will be the champion. He hurt the tendon, he didn’t move. I think his team is doing a great thing, he managed to heal that injury over time because he has a good physiotherapist. We saw that he was saving his leg, that he was taking care of himself.

Novak is under constant fire from Australian journalists, where individuals do not shy away from provocation.

– Journalists ask Novak uncomfortable questions, that’s not a problem. But I wonder why they didn’t ask so rudely Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer. Each of them had injuries during major tournaments. The answer is simple. That’s because Novak is from Serbia, so they think they can. Fortunately, Nole knows how to answer them nicely, so they don’t end up happy afterwards.

He judged Radmilo Armenulić and the Australian Open in the men’s competition, after half of the competition. He looked back at the favorites who were eliminated,

– Zverev was injured for a long time, it will take him a long time to come back. Nadal, I would say that he has a “swan song”. I think he will slowly withdraw from the ATP tour, because he has a hip injury. He’s headed for surgery, and if that happens, it means his career is over. Medvedev has no established game, no continuity. The Russian is a good player who deserves to be in the top three in the world.

Radmilo Armenulić
photo: Aleksandar Jovanović Cile

Novak Djokovic’s next opponent will be Andrei Rublevwill play with him on Wednesday not before 9:30 am.

– I believe that Novak will be healthy in that match. Rublev is a serious opponent, he can beat anyone, once he was even better than Novak. If Novak gets it, it will be a key victory towards the title. Then there is only one thing left for him Stefanos Tsitsipaswho is dangerous and has the desire to win the tournament and be the first in the world.

After Australia, there will be a big tournament in America, in which Novak Djokovic will not be able to participate because he has not been vaccinated against covid.

– It is a kind of scandal. I think it’s a minus for America, because they won’t be watching the best in the world. Novak will not be able to win points there. Maybe something will happen by March, maybe the American public will come to their senses, although I’m not really convinced. They are persistent, they do not allow to enter the US without a vaccine – concluded Radmilo Armenulić.

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