Creepy, bad and slightly better NBA news from the Denver Nuggets

Creepy, bad and slightly better NBA news from the Denver Nuggets
Creepy, bad and slightly better NBA news from the Denver Nuggets

NIKOLA Jokić was and remains the main star of the Denver Nuggets, but that team’s campaign for the NBA title is experiencing setbacks these days.

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The most gruesome part of those events was reported to you by “Novosti” yesterday, in the form of a story about how one of the three most important players of the team from Colorado, Michael Porter Jr., is out of the team until further notice because his younger brother – killed one person, under the influence of alcohol.

New bad news then befell the nagets:

As reported by Mike Singer, a reporter for the “Denver Post”, a reserve and very important playmaker for the team until the “second star of the club”, Jamal Murray, “Bones” Hyland, is fully recovered – experienced a lot of bad luck.

In Sunday’s loss to Oklahoma, the first after nine consecutive victories, he went to the bench early in the fourth quarter because he “felt discomfort.” That’s what the assistant coach and acting head of the professional staff in the absence of the sick Michael Malone, David Adelman, said at the time.

However, in this morning’s warm-up in New Orleans, Highland did not participate. It turns out he injured his finger and the question is when he will be able to play again.

“Bones” not only likes to give three-pointers from eight, nine meters, or to attractively play his teammates…

… and he is no stranger to alley-up passes from half the court either…

… out of all NBA players drafted last year, he was selected as the 26th pick, currently second in three-pointers made, second in percentage of long-range shots, eighth in points, and ninth in assists.

However, after two not-so-good news for the Denver Nuggets, it is encouraging that Nikola Jokic attended shooting practice on Tuesday morning local time in New Orleans, and that practice was also attended by coach Malone.

There is still no official notification from the Colorado club whether the Serbian ace will be able to play against the pesky Pelicans, who are fourth in the Western Conference with only six losses at home this season.

Nikola Jokić statistics – season 2022/2023.

Nikola Jokić stats” is a term that American basketball fans often search for on the Internet, because it is unreal to them what the Serbian ace (i) is doing in the NBA this season. And he is currently averaging 25.1 points per NBA match, along with 11 rebounds and 9, 9 assists per game played.

He finished the past MVP season 2021/2022 with averages of 27.1 points, 13.8 rebounds and 7.9 assists, so when you take into account what he is doing in this championship, then it is not surprising table is, according to American bookmakers, Nikola Jokić became the first favorite to be MVP again.

Denver Nuggets game schedule

Nikola Jokić’s team started on hosting. First, they play a match in the aforementioned New Orleans (Wednesday, at two o’clock in our Central European time), then a day later they play a visit to a no less easy rival, Milwaukee (at the same time). After the duel with the two-time MVP, Janis Antetokounmpo, Jokic will have to face another great opponent, Joel Embiid, against whom the Philadelphia Nuggets will play as guests on Saturday at 21:00 our time.

Nikola Jokić – contract

One of the most searched sports things on Google was “Nikola Jokic contract” in 2022 – because the Serbian ace signed an anthology contract. Namely, Nikola Jokić should in this season 2022/2023. earned $33,047,803.

The contract stipulates that the next season, 2023/2024. earn even more, $46,550,000. But that’s just the beginning of his income growth.

In the 2024/2025 season. his salary will be $50.274 million, then in the 2025/2026 season. 53,998,000 dollars, and in 2026 as many as 57,722,000 “greenbacks”. The contract stipulates that he can agree to play in the 2027/2028 season. and for a salary of $61,446,000.

NBA league – standings


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