Mysterious Marijana in Novak’s box: Now she is part of the team, but she must not do one thing! /PHOTO/

Dr. Marijana Kovačević is also at this match in Novak Djokovic’s box.

The famous doctor Marijana Kovačević is in the boxing ring of Novak Djokovic and at the match against Tommy Paul, which you can follow live in our live blog.

She traveled to Melbourne to help Nolet rehabilitate a hamstring injury he sustained at the Adelaide tournament.

We spoke with the doctor, but she cannot give an official statement.

Namely, as is very often the case, she undertook not to make statements about Djokovic’s injury as long as the competition lasts. She is part of the team and cannot make statements during the competition.

Sportal discovered Marijana’s arrival

From the start of the Australian Open, it is clear to everyone that Novak Djokovic did not arrive in Melbourne in the best physical condition.

The back injury and the large white bandage on the thigh caused unrest in the hearts of all Novak’s fans, and before the match with Rublev another injury appeared – this time it was the wrist of the right hand, which had to be “treated” before the match due to unexpected pain.

However, as time goes on, Novak plays better and better, and as we learn, there is talk in Melbourne that, in addition to the unsurpassed Miljan Amanović, the famous Serbian doctor Marijana Kovačević, who traveled to Australia to help Djokovic to recover rather, he recovers from injuries, primarily the back box, and brings him to a state where he can play matches on AO as much as possible without pain.

This claim is supported by the fact that Dr. Marijana was filmed in Novak’s boxing ring during the match with Rublev.

Novak Djokovic / Photo: EPA-EFE/FAZRY ISMAIL

We witnessed that Novak himself missed training for days and went to various therapies instead, in order to better prepare his body for great physical efforts and challenges in Melbourne. He himself spoke about this after the triumph over Rublev:

To be honest, I was more attached to the machines than I was to the people this week… I was attached to the machines and to the bed… I was doing my best, looking for any feedback through all the machines on this planet to try and test the endurance of my leg. It was obviously a good decision. Missing tennis during the break, of course, but it’s important to be smart and wise when it comes to body condition, especially in these conditions. It is more important to recover and prepare for all this.

Given that a hamstring injury can be one of the most inconvenient in sports, and not easily treated, Djokovic has had to be extremely careful in the recovery process to avoid aggravating the injury. In addition, he turned to the help of a famous doctor, who has now become famous in the world of sports because of her incredibly effective treatment methods, which shorten the recovery period many times over.

Known as “The Miracle Worker”

Many world sports stars, who suffered serious injuries, returned to the field much earlier than the scheduled period, all thanks to the now famous doctor Marijana Kovačević, who treated them with great success. Mostly, she treated football players’ injuries. At first glance, the period during which football players recover from an injury seems like a miracle, so it should not be surprising that the world media calls her a healer or a miracle worker.

She did not advertise her therapies until now, but after several years of working “illegally” she went public and explained her treatment methods.

– After my treatments, the muscle is completely new. There is no trace of a previous injury. Since the muscle is completely new – there are no scars, shadows, fibrosis, there is no possibility of recurrence of the injury, that is the second item of the revolutionary method.

At the end of the therapy, a scan is taken to verify this. So, the point is to achieve complete muscle regeneration – said Marijana Kovačević. There were many big football names with her, such as Ronaldo, Dejan Stanković, Alexis Sanchez, Diego Costa, Robin van Persie, Mladen Krstajić, Saša Ilić… but also tennis players like Andy Mari, Janko Tipsarević, Nenad Zimonjić…

– When the player arrives, he meets the best diagnostician in the country, an initial scan is taken and the extent of the injury is determined – I estimate exactly how many hours it will take to restore the muscle. Therapies are so strong that one hour of therapy replaces one week of treatment with any other method in the world. So, if they say he has to rest for a month, I will solve his problem in four hours – reveals the famous doctor.

Novak scolds Ivanišević: Don’t talk, watch!


It seems like some things are already being drawn.

Stefanos Tsitsipas / Photo: ANTHONY WALLACE / AFP / Profimedia


Stefanos Tsitsipas is the first Australian Open finalist!

Novak Djokovic - Andrei Rublev photo AP Photo/Ng Han Guan


The best Serbian tennis player, Novak Djokovic, will play against Tommy Paul in the semi-finals of the Australian Open.

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