The famous Spanish writer Juan Manuel Prada Blanco published an emotional text about Novak Djokovic

The whole world is delighted with the best Serbian and world tennis player, Novak Djokovic. So did the Spanish writer Juan Manuel Prada Blanco, who published a text dedicated to the Serbian ace.

At the very beginning, he recalled all the circumstances that the Serbian tennis player went through. Because many obstacles must be overcome to reach historical heights.

“A year after becoming a legend, Novak Djokovic (as he became known as No-Vac No-Covid) has become the most successful tennis player in history. His biggest rival, although they are tied for the number of Grand Slams, has never won a single Masters Final . The fact that he reached the title in Australia casts an additional shine on justice. As the icing on the cake, Bill Gates was in the stands. In this way, all the pains of Djokovic were rewarded, who assumed the role of a universal scapegoat in front of a submissive and cowardly generation.” , wrote Juan who has been awarded several times for his work.


The Spaniards have no choice either – since Novak Djokovic won his 22nd Grand Slam on Sunday, they had to admit that he is the best player of all time.

As he further stated, Djokovic “showed that he has a head, heart and mind”. He was especially touched by the moment of emotional collapse of our tennis player.

“After taking advantage of his overwhelming victory, pointing to his head, his heart, Novak Djokovic looked up to the sky and thanked God. Then he hugged his friends and family and completely broke down in tears. But Djokovic did not imitate those “panty ironers” ” who cry in front of the cameras for any shit, he already avoided it so that there would not be various records of crying. In that big hug, everyone who suffered losses in the last few years, who was stigmatized by the media or mistreated was represented in any way, viewed with suspicion by friends and family… Thank you for every precious tear, Nole. Not one was accidentally shed.”


The Serbian tennis player could not hide his emotions after winning the trophy in Melbourne.

What Novak survived, Juan believes that no one else could. He showed how big he is and how strong he is.

“Every tennis fan knows that there has never been a player with such an imperial range and such a cat’s instinct as Djokovic. But to overcome such a fierce blow as he suffered a year ago in Australia, not to drown in despair and anger, he pointed to the head (strength), the heart (generosity) and im*da (courage). Djokovic was not only faced with rivals, but also with a hostile set of circumstances that could only be overcome with God’s help. No doubt he was helped by a stubborn character, forged in a terrible childhood, but also the greatest support came from above. Djokovic knows it well, and so do all those who cried with him,” the text continues.

Novak Djokovic. Photo: Dubreuil Corinne/ABACA / Abaca Press / Profimedia


Australian journalist Andrew Webster wrote a text that has already annoyed the fans of Novak Djokovic.

At the very end of the text, he wondered how it was possible that no one was thinking about the fact that Djokovic was winning back-to-back against tennis players 10 and even 15 years younger.

“It is surprising that the mass of people do not ask (or dare not) how a 35-year-old tennis player wins consecutive matches in three sets, one after another, against rivals who are ten or 15 years younger than him, showing speed, reactions and physical superiority . This is the same reason why a fat man like me writes better than all other writers in Spain. God who sees us, rewards us in the dark,” concluded the Spanish writer in his emotional text.

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Novak Djokovic and winning the Australian Open title Photo: Tanjug Ap Asanka Brendon Ratnayake


The triumph of Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open made the legendary Nikola Pilić happy.

Novak Djokovic and Boris Becker (Photo: Profimedia)


A debate that will probably last as long as the “white sport” is played. Novak, Rafa or Roger? Serbia has long had an answer to this.

Novak Djokovic Photo: EPA-EFE/James Ross


After winning the Australian Open and his 22nd Grand Slam title, Novak Djokovic has no intention of stopping. As he stated at the press conference, when he is “present” he can take any slam, against anyone.

The article is in Serbian

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