The girl had a ski jump of 222 meters Sports

The girl had a ski jump of 222 meters Sports
The girl had a ski jump of 222 meters Sports

Watch the incredible jump of Canadian girl Alexandria Lutit.

If you haven’t heard of it yet Alexandria Lutitus, the time is right! One of the most talented skiers in the world has set a new world record in ski jumping for women. Alexandria Lutit was born in 2004 and is only 19 years old, but despite the fact that she is still a “kid” it does not mean that she cannot make history in this winter sport. At the airport in Vikersund, Norway, Alexandria jumped to 222 meters (!!!) and thereby “big” improved the previous record.

We saw an incredible jump in the third series when the Canadian woman left all visitors of the ski jumping competition speechless, while before that we saw how Ema Klinec from Slovenia flew 203 meters. Interestingly, the Slovenian woman then jumped 221 meters, which is the second best jump in history. See what the incredible jump looked like:

Interestingly, it seems as if the Canadian inspired the rest of her colleagues as Maren Lundby from Norway and Yuki Ito from Japan also had incredible jumps. In the end, Lundby jumped to 212.5 meters, and Ito to 200… Before that, we didn’t even see women jump over 200 meters, since this sport is not particularly popular among ladies.

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