Shaquille O’Neal in the hospital! A disturbing photo was published that SCARED MANY

The legendary American basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal, worried the public on Sunday with a post on social networks.

The famous NBA ace posted a photo on his Twitter account that alarmed the entire basketball world, as it showed the popular Shaq lying in a hospital bed, connected to an IV, which scared many of his fans and fans of the hoops game.

At first, no one is clear what exactly happened to O’Neal, that is, what is the reason for his hospitalization, but as TMZ exclusively learned, the former center had a minor operation on his hip, which he had a problem with for months. The same source states that the surgical procedure was successfully performed and Shaq is currently recovering under the watchful eye of the doctor.

The photo currently has more than 37,500 likes on “Twitter”, where anxious fans tried to find out from the famous basketball player, but he did not answer them, which caused them even more concern. Along with the post, he also left a comment, which did not clarify his condition:

– I always watch Ernie Johnson and Candace Parker on the podcast, I miss them a lot – O’Neill wrote.

The famous basketball player has been working as a basketball analyst and TV presenter of basketball shows for a long time, and as can be heard, he should return to the small screen around April 16, if his recovery goes according to all forecasts.


Serbian basketball player and Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokić continues to dominate the NBA. In Denver’s new victory over Brooklyn, he achieved his 28th triple-double of the season. He scored 22 points, 17 rebounds and 10 assists.


Indiana Pacers coach Rick Carlisle singled out Joel Embiid as the player most deserving of the MVP title for the 2002/23 season.

Nikola Jokić (photo: USA TODAY Sports / ddp USA / Profimedia)


Denver basketball players have not been doing well lately, so they have lost five of their last six matches. Because of the bad game and the fact that they complicated the situation for themselves before the playoffs, Nikola Jokić believes that his team has reason to worry.

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