Never seen before! Hooligans attacked the families of West Ham footballers, and then the “blanket” intervened and killed all the Dutch in turn /VIDEO/

An unprecedented hooligan attack on “civilians”, ordinary spectators, as well as families of players of a rival club, shocked the football world. After West Ham defeated AZ 1:0 in the second leg of the semi-finals of the Conference League and thus advanced to the final with a total score of 3:1, its players celebrated their historic success on the field.

And then they saw something that shocked them – the hooligans who follow AZ jumped over the fence of their stand and, in an attempt to break through the West Ham fans at the other end of the stadium, rushed to the box and attacked the families of the visiting players.

The police and stewards reacted sluggishly and slowly, so angry West Ham players came to the rescue. In the video, Michael Antonio and Flynn Downs are seen jumping over billboards and fighting with security to break into the lodge and save the families from the thugs who attacked them.

The veteran dealt knockouts to Dutch hooligans from the stands

West Ham footballers tried to reach their loved ones to protect them, but failed. That’s why one former Hammers fan did it incredibly bravely and effectively. Practically at the top of the stairs leading to the tribune, he stood on the line of a horde of Dutch young hooligans and knocked them down one by one with his fists, thus preventing who knows how serious the consequences.

Reinforcements soon arrived and repelled the onslaught of the Dutch, and as soon as photos of the impressive performance of the large and elderly West Ham fan were published on social networks, many fans immediately recognized him:

“Well, it’s Knolsey, an English legend since the 80s! A man who lives for West Ham!”

Those who were in the immediate vicinity of the chaos also came forward and testified that Knolsy saved the girlfriend of Till Kercher, the defender of his beloved club, from the attack.

How West Ham secured the final

West Ham football players celebrated in the return match against AZ Alkmaar away with a score of 1:0 (0:0).

They won 2:1 in the first match and came to the Netherlands to defend their advantage, and such tactics were set by the coach of the visiting team, David Moyes.

West Ham missed two great chances in the first half.

Bowen missed a shot in the 17th minute, and Lukas Paketa hit the left post in the 25th minute.

West Ham missed a few more chances in the second half, and they sealed the final on the counterattack in the 94th minute.

Pablo Fornals took the ball, dribbled past two players and shot hard from the edge of the penalty area and above all precisely into the lower left corner.

That goal took West Ham into the Conference League final.

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The players of West Ham reached the finals of the Conference League, after winning 2:1 in the first match in England away from home with 1:0 against AZ Alkmaar. The great victory of the English team was overshadowed by the conflict between the football players and the stewards at the stadium.


The players of Crystal Palace beat West Ham with a score of 4:3 (3:2), in the first match of the 34th round of the Premier League. It was a great match, full of excitement and goals.

Declan Rice. Photo: Zac Goodwin / PA Images / Profimedia


West Ham footballers qualified for the semi-finals of the Conference League, as they outclassed Gent in the second leg at home.

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