President Kolubara: For justice in Lausanne!

President Kolubara: For justice in Lausanne!
President Kolubara: For justice in Lausanne!

President of Kolubara Dragisa Urošević he called a press conference regarding the punishment of the club – deducting nine points and, in effect, moving from the Super League to a lower rank.

– Why did Ivan Nikolić, the president of the FSS Disciplinary Commission, announce himself in a daily newspaper for the first time after Kolubara scheduled a public address? What is he afraid of? Why is Ninoslav Spasić’s application to UEFA not available to the public, as well as our response to the shameful accusation, absolutely without any evidence? Why was the first-instance decision of the DK not presented with the explanation that we gave you for inspection? – the leader of Lazarevac asked a series of questions already in the introduction.

And, lowering his voice an octave, he continued:

– When it comes to the UEFA applicant, Ninoslav Spasić, by the way, a former football referee, according to our knowledge, he is a member of the Management Board of Radnik, where his own brother is a coach in the younger categories. Taking that into account, we ask ourselves and the football public – is this a coincidence? We demand that Spasić’s report be shown publicly! It is strange that both the beginning and the end of our match in Surdulica, played before the first instance decision was made, were marked by shouts from the stands: “Nine points – darkness in Lazarevac”!

Urosevic got stuck:

During the entire season, especially in the last six rounds of the play-out phase, Kolubara suffered enormous pressure from people from the Serbian Football Federation, the Vojvodina Football Federation and the management of two clubs from the eastern region. We even had a situation where clubs from the eastern region sent emissaries with threats – we duly reported to the FSS, however, we did not receive any feedback?!

Then, the president of Lazarevac expressed his opinion on the decision of the FSS Disciplinary Commission:

I wonder, and I believe the entire public does, why the DK decision was made at this very moment? From my point of view, it seems that FSS wanted to tailor the table itself and that it just now saw how many points needed to be taken from Kolubara in order to be automatically relegated from the league. I also have to wonder why in this procedure points were deducted only from Kolubara, and not from Mladost GAT and Spartak, if there is already evidence of rigging? And this confirms my suspicion that FSS, in cooperation with FS Vojvodina and two clubs from the eastern region, wanted to tailor the table. Given that it is impossible to prove innocence in FSS and that everything is based on the principle “the caddy sues you, the caddy judges you”, Kolubara will seek justice before the independent international sports court in Lausanne.


The article is in Serbian

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