Boston reduced to 3-2, Miami is outclassed and decides its fate on its floor

The Boston basketball players reduced the score to 3-2 against Miami, they won on their floor with 110:97 and the Denver camp can only enjoy this outcome on the eastern side of America.

He had Miami 3-0 and a nice opportunity to “clean up” the Celtics, if he had succeeded – we would have had a historic season because it has never happened that both the East and the West were 4-0 in the finals in one season. Denver outclassed the Lakers 4-0, Miami missed its opportunity, now we are waiting for a “hot” finish in which everything is possible, now Boston has a chance to do something that no one has ever done.

It didn’t happen that a team after 0-3 reached victory in the NBA, and even 150 times in history we had a case where teams verified this lead with a victory. Boston’s confidence grew, White took care of it with 24 points, Smart with 23, Brown with 21 and Tatum with 21 with 11 assists and eight rebounds.

On the other hand, Robinson was the first trump with 18 points, Adebayo added 16, Highsmith 15, Butler had 14 points with five rebounds and assists. Our Nikola Jović also got a chance, who played three minutes and 20 seconds, missed one three-pointer. Boston solved everything quickly, took the lead with 23:7, kept the lead at around +20 during the whole match, surrendered early to Miami, which is firmly determined to finish everything on its floor on Saturday at 2:30 a.m. our time.

Finals fever is already shaking Denver

Denver managed to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers four times in the Western Conference Finals and thus reach the historic finals of the NBA League. Until now, the fans have never had the opportunity to watch this team in the fight for the ring, and the local media started dealing with the issue of ticket prices for the final matches, before which there is great euphoria.

Those who want to watch Jokic, Murray and others against Miami or Boston will have to shell out a not at all naive sum for tickets. The cheapest ticket will be $750.

Of course, we are talking about the worst seats in the hall, while when it comes to the better ones, the prices jump drastically. Although at this moment it is not known who will be the rival, nor how many games will be played in the Denver hall, some interesting information was brought by the Denver Post.

This source states that the most expensive seats, near the field, will “cost” from six to even 25 thousand euros. Also, not all prices will be the same, but will increase as the series progresses. Thus, it is stated that the cheapest ticket for match number two will be 849, and the third match will be as much as 995 dollars.

This text also states that fans should not rush to buy, since the sales system is not the same as ours, where ticket prices are fixed. Unlike Serbia, but also Europe, in the United States they often vary, so it is possible that these prices will drop at some point.

Despite the very high prices, there is no doubt that the hall will be full and that everyone will want to watch Nikola Jokić and his friends fight for the title. It remains to be seen how many matches will be played in Colorado. If Miami wins in the final of the East, since it is now leading with 3:2, Denver will have the advantage of the home field and the possibility that as many as four matches will be played on their floor. If it ends up being Boston, then the Celtics will have home court advantage due to their better performance in the league portion of the NBA season.

Also, the hourly rate of these matches is known. The first match starts on Friday, June 2, at two hours and 30 minutes after midnight CET. Game number two is scheduled three days later at two in the morning, the third is again in three days at 2.30 in the morning. The fourth two days after the third at 2.30. Each subsequent one would be played for three days at 2:30 a.m., and only the eventual seventh would be played at 2 a.m. our time.

The story of the vision of the Red Star among the European dragons


The Miami Heat is on the threshold of the NBA Finals, and more and more people are writing about Jimmy Butler not being so focused on basketball anymore.


The Denver basketball players outclassed the Lakers 4-0 and are now quietly waiting for their opponent in the NBA Finals. However, on the eastern side it could be nailed, Boston was convincing with 116:99 and reduced it to 3-1.

Nikola Jović, photo: Megan Briggs / Getty images / Profimedia


The Miami Heat came one step closer to the NBA Finals as they defeated Boston 128:102 in the third final game. Boston is about to be “cleaned up”, we have a chance to go 4-0 in the finals of the East and West, which has never happened so far in history!

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