PSG “rewrites” from City and buys the two-time world champion, Neymar senior will also earn!


Paris Saint-Germain is preparing a very ambitious plan for the future of the club and the City of Light.

And that in imitation of the rival (UAE and Qatar) Manchester City.

As reported by numerous media around the world, PSG is ready to create a network of clubs and invest serious money in the purchase of the Spanish Malaga, the Italian Sampdoria and the Brazilian giant Santos.

The group gathered around Paris Saint-Germain has already bought 21 percent of Braga, now it wants half of the ownership of Malaga, which was recently relegated to the third tier of Spanish football, as well as all the shares of Sampdoria, which is moving to Serie B next season.

Interestingly, PSG will send an offer to buy Santos, the former club of the Parisian star Neymar, and it is interesting that the project will be led by Neymar’s father.

Santos is one of the biggest clubs in South America with two Intercontinental Cup titles, also known for the fact that the legendary Pele played for it.

Manchester City has already largely done the same thing through the City Group which, apart from the Manchester club, also owns Belgium’s Lommel, Spain’s Girona, France’s Troyes, New York City, Melbourne City and Mumbai.

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