Novak on football players’ celebration: Did they really do it? VIDEO

Novak on football players’ celebration: Did they really do it? VIDEO
Novak on football players’ celebration: Did they really do it? VIDEO

The celebration of the players of Serbia for qualifying for the Euro after the draw with the Bulgarians (2:2) quickly fell into the background because of Novak Okovi.

Source: B92 Sunday, 19.11.2023. | 23:35


By defeating Janik Siner, the Serbian tennis player won his seventh final tournament of the Masters series and raised the bar of success to a level that was hard to imagine, let alone reach on the court.

Novak was pleasantly surprised to learn that some Serbian players celebrated in the same way that he sometimes celebrates his victories in tournaments.

On social media – FSS also shared that video – you can see how Nemanja Radonji he simulates “obstructing the headset” and says: “just let Novak win tonight”.

Of course, Novak did not disappoint this time either.

First of all, let me appreciate them. They really did that? I did not know. Luka Jovi was with his wife at the meeting, Duan Vlahovi was there a few days ago, I saw him and Kostia at the meeting, we were talking. I’m glad if I have a positive influence on them, it gives me joy and it’s a real honor to be in a position to influence them positively, to inspire them, something that will help him or her, to better prepare, recover, do”. he said and continued:

“The most frequent question I get from athletes is the mental aspect, how to be mentally strong, how to deal with pressure. How to recover from a difficult period, to be ready for the next challenge. Sport has changed a lot today, especially team sports. They have much more football and basketball games, long seasons, I’m talking about the highest levels, they put in some things now and then, there are a lot of games, it’s hard for them and of course it’s logical that they wonder how they can have debt and a career that lasts and success at a high level. There are various levels. The first level is entering the sport, then breaking through, then reaching the top, then how to stay at the top for the whole year, then for two or three, how to have a career without many injuries, how to cultivate a championship mentality, how to correct your life, so that everything is subordinated to the goals, without being empty and unhappy, and if it doesn’t work out, to have real values, to have a family, a house, to have someone to talk to”.

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