Where and what are the football players who played for Yugoslavia at EURO 2000?

Where and what are the football players who played for Yugoslavia at EURO 2000?
Where and what are the football players who played for Yugoslavia at EURO 2000?

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Qualification cycles have been going on since 2000. First, Serbia and Montenegro, then Serbia she did not manage to reach the final tournament on her own, dissatisfaction was “boiling”, but it was often extinguished by successful matches in the playoffs for the World Championships.

On Sunday, November 19, 2023, we finally got to say after 24 years – the Eagles are on European Championship. The changeable game in the duels with Bulgaria and Hungary in particular will not be remembered, as well as the defense that was very often below any level, but the fact that the unpleasant fast has been broken and that next summer in Germany we will observe the chosen ones Dragan Stojković Pixi in a new mission.

It is far from the fact that we should not worry about the mentioned aspects of a tactical and other nature or that they should be pushed to the background, especially because there will be no improvement in terms of results if adequate solutions are not found, but at this moment we can at least briefly breathe a sigh of relief and say that goal accomplished.

What has changed in the world of football since the year 2000 and the championships in Holland and Belgium, we could not enumerate in one text. Not only were the Blues then participants in the final tournament then, but they also played the knockout stage in which they admittedly did not make a name for themselves, which is just one of the things that from the current point of view is a long time ago. The Netherlands then stopped us with a convincing 6:1 after a celebration against Norway, a draw with Slovenia and a defeat in the group stage against Spain.

What we look at with nostalgia is the composition of the Yugoslavian team that represented the nation at that time. A large number of well-known and legendary players defended the colors of the European giants. Some have remained in football to this day, some have wandered into other spheres, there are also those who are unfortunately not with us.

Dragan Stojković Pixi, who was then the captain, is known to be the leader of the national team, but what about the others. So, where are the Yugoslav national team members from 2000 and what are they doing?


Ivica Kralj – sports director of Partizan

Milorad Korać – unknown

Željko Cicović – goalkeeper coach in Spain


Ivan Dudić – sports worker

Goran Đorović – assistant coach of the Serbian national team

Miroslav Đukić – football coach, last engagement at Sporting Gijon in 2020.

Siniša Mihajlović – deceased

Slobodan Komljenović – coach of children from 6 to 14 years old in Eintracht from Frankfurt

Niša Saveljić – sports director at the American club Breakers

Goran Bunjevčević – passed away


Slaviša Jokanović – coach, worked at Dinamo from Moscow until May

Dejan Stanković – coach of Ferencvaros

Vladimir Jugović – sports worker

Dragan Stojković – coach of the Serbian national team

Dejan Govedarica – assistant in Qingdao West Coast, China

Ljubinko Drulović – selector of the Serbian national team under the age of 21

Jovan Stanković – coach, the last team in which the Spanish Aguilas worked

Albert Nag – assistant coach of Partizan


Predrag Mijatović – sports worker, former sports director of Real

Savo Milošević – selector of the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Darko Kovačević – sports worker, currently a scout

Mateja Kežman – manager, Sergeja Milinković Savić, among others


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