COL without two playmakers and the first center is waiting for Partizan

COL without two playmakers and the first center is waiting for Partizan
COL without two playmakers and the first center is waiting for Partizan

Cedevita Olimpija coach Simone Pjanidjani has major personnel problems before the match with Partizan in the 8th round of the ABA League (Monday 17:30).

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The Italian expert cannot count on the playmakers of Justin Cobbs, nor on Nikola Radičević for a long time, and the first center Karlo Matković was also injured.

The people of Ljubljana are waiting in black and white after another defeat in the Eurocup, the seventh in seven games, against Hamburg in “Stožice”, but they are far better in the ABA league, with a record of 5-2.

It is clear from there Pjanidjani how difficult the challenge is in front of his team.

“We are aware of the difficulty of the task. For us, every match represents a new challenge and a test on which we want to show progress. We have to play hard, we will play with that and without Karl Matković, so we will again have to come out with a different lineup that will be “shorter ” and with less athleticism in the racket. We have to put up a determined resistance to the Euroleague, which has tall players, among other things they added Bruno Cabocl to that tall line. The test ahead of us requires us to fight for every ball, but at the same time we have to be the best in every attack,” said the coach of Ljubljana Pjaniđani.

Partizan is not without problems either.

Obradović cannot count on the match in “Stožice”. Pantera, Trifunovića, Koprivica while the status is in question Smailagić who did not play against Alba due to the temperature.

He was perhaps the best speaker on the subject of Partizan to the Slovenes Gegor Glasa guy who got a little room to play during his time with the black and whites, but even then it was obvious that he was a talented basketball player.

He has been in the rotation of coach Pjanidjani since this season.

“We have a very demanding match ahead of us, we are aware of the quality of Partizan, who will be highly motivated in Ljubljana, because they were defeated in the previous game in the ABA league. So there will certainly be a reaction from their side, and our task is to do our best and to try to surprise. After the game with Hamburg, we had a little time to prepare, but we will do everything to present ourselves in the best light.”says the Voice.

The home team will Klemen Prepelic and Strong Blazic have the strongest attacking assets, as in all previous matches.

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