Here is how much Novak Djokovic earned in his career


The Serbian ace arrived in Turin with $176,231,853, and now has $180,643,353 in his bank account.

He is the first tennis player ever to exceed $180 million in career earnings, and he was already the only one to exceed $140 million.

So far, none of the tennis players has even crossed the figure of 140 million.

For example, Rafael Nadal is behind him with earnings of $134,640,719. Roger Federer is third with $130,594,339, followed by Serena Williams ($94,816,730), Andy Murray ($64,246,026), Pete Sampras ($43,280,489), Venus Williams ($42,595,397), Simona Halep ( 40,203,437 dollars) and Maria Sharapova (38,777,962 dollars).

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