The reasons why Serbia canceled the press conference in Malaga

Although it was announced that the Serbian Davis Cup national team will hold a press conference on Tuesday at 3:30 PM in Malaga before the quarter-final match against Great Britain, Novak Djokovic and his teammates will appear in front of the media only on Wednesday.

The mandatory activity of the Serbian national team before the Davis Cup semi-finals begins is a press conference. It was scheduled for Tuesday in Malaga from 3:30 p.m., but the organizers received information that the meeting between the Serbian national team members and journalists will not take place at the already scheduled time, but will appear on Wednesday. The time will be announced later.


Novak Djokovic started his 400th week at the top of the ATP list. Yes, you read that right. Novak Djokovic has spent four hundred weeks at No. 1 and has no plans to stop. He has overcome the GOAT debate, he has overcome himself, and he will continue to do so. There is no longer any debate, Novak has cemented his place in the group of the best athletes of all time. In tennis, he “passed the game” a long time ago. That’s why Sportal launched an action – numerous sports greats and celebrities, from Luka Dončić to Pixi, congratulated Novak with us.

There are two options for which the Serbian team decided on this move: the first is because Novak will not join the selection until tomorrow afternoon, so they have to wait for him so that everyone is complete, and the second option is of a tactical nature. Namely, the Great Britain national team, against which Nole and his friends play on Thursday, scheduled their press conference only for Wednesday at 3 p.m., and as it is still uncertain whether Cameron Norrie will play or not – the final answer should be known at the conference – from the Serbian team, they decided to play well tactically and wait to see what their rival will decide. Depending on who will play, Viktor Troicki, coach of Serbia, will decide who will be on the field in agreement with the team.

Let us remind you that on Monday morning, Serbian tennis players trained in Malaga, first Laslo Đere and Miomir Kecmanović, and then Hamad Međedović and Dušan Lajović.

Đoković arrived in Marbella and will join our team tomorrow.

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After Novak Djokovic broke Roger Federer’s record for the number of weeks at the ATP top in 2021, Nolet’s fans practically mocked the Swiss for two days because of one photo.

Novak Djokovic (Photo: Marco Alpozzi / LaPresse / Profimedia)


I don’t know what is realistic and I don’t know what the limit is. I don’t know the limits and that’s why I believe that somehow I managed to reach the highest peaks and achievements in tennis. That’s exactly what Novak Djokovic said a few years ago. And as always he was right.

Novak Djokovic. Photo: Chryslene Caillaud / Panoramic / Panoramic / Profimedia


After a night in which he certainly celebrated a great success for a long time, the cup at the final Masters and secured “number 1” at the end of the year, Novak Djokovic left Turin and headed for Spain. However, before joining the team, he will set aside at least one day for his family.

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