“Is Djokovic too good or is this the era of the weak?”

“Is Djokovic too good or is this the era of the weak?”
“Is Djokovic too good or is this the era of the weak?”

Novak Djokovic still dominates world tennis at the age of 36, he ended the year in the best possible way, winning the final tournament in Turin and taking first place on the ATP list.

At the moment, Novak practically has no worthy competition, even though the opponents are 15 years younger than him.

The portal “We are tennis” asked its followers the question “Is Novak really that good or is this the era of weak (players)?”. These are some of the answers:

“When a 20-year-old is practically the only one who has managed to challenge Novak this year, then this really should be considered an era of underdogs.”

“If you call Alcaraz, Siner and Medvedev weak, then I don’t know what to tell you.” Alcaraz and Siner will end their careers as tennis greats. Djokovic is too good for them.”

“Kudos to Federer for 237 consecutive weeks at the top, but what kind of opponents has he had?” Djokovic had to beat him, Nadal, Mario, Wawrinka to be first.”

“Siner, Alcaraz and Medvedev are the era of the weak? How would Novak fare against Hewitt, Ferrer and Roddick?”

“Djokovic is still strong, regardless of his age, but this generation is weaker than the previous ones.”

“A combination of both.” It’s easy to lose motivation when you’ve won everything. Not so with Novak. However, his opponents don’t have that fire in them.”



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