Novak motivated Rafa VIDEO – B92

Novak motivated Rafa VIDEO – B92
Novak motivated Rafa VIDEO – B92

Novak Okovi has announced an attack on new records for the year 2024, but some will not watch it calmly.

ZKSource: B92 Monday, 20.11.2023. | 14:20 -> 17:25

Photo: Profimedia

His biggest rival, Rafael Nadal, is getting ready to return to the court.

Panac announced a few days ago that he will soon announce when he will return to tournaments, although it is expected that it will be at the beginning of the year in Australia.

The tennis player from Manacor, on the same day that Novak won the seventh ATP final in his career and began the 400th week of his reign, published a video of him training a lot.

In the company of his coach Carlos Moya, Nadal showed that he has increased the intensity of his work, all in order to return to his old, championship level as soon as possible.

No, if he succeeds in this, the next season will be extremely interesting, because Nadal will certainly not be satisfied with being in the shadow of Novak and the young champions who are coming.

Apparently, the victories of Novak Okovija also motivated him and made him try to reach him in the number of Grand Slams.

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