Kalinic about returning to Zvezda

Kalinic about returning to Zvezda
Kalinic about returning to Zvezda

Kalinic on his return to Serbian basketball, Photo: Starsport©

Published: 20.11.2023. 4:13 p.m
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Recently, the teams of Barcelona and Red Star met in the Euroleague, and this match had a special significance because it marked a new meeting Nikola Kalinić with his former club from Belgrade.

The Serbian basketball player played a solid game in that match, scoring seven points, grabbing five rebounds and registering three assists.

Nikola Kalinic he is defending the colors for the second season Barcelonabut every summer there is speculation about a possible return, which regularly attracts the attention of the media and basketball fans.

It was the same this summer, there was talk of a potential return, but he stayed at the club from Spain.

For the “BasketballSphere” portal, Kalinic also spoke about the derbies, as well as the problems that happened while he was playing in this club.

I didn’t watch so many derbies, I’m just sorry that there is a big difference between those games in the Euroleague and the ABA League. In the Euroleague, it can all be sports, cheering, not to throw anything in, because they know they will be punished. It all looks as it should. There are insults, but everything ends in verbal matters. Then the ABA League comes and starts throwing firecrackers, coins, bottles, chairs… And it all breaks down. Obviously, all this can be organized properly. Why the regional championship is not capable of sticking to the rules and penalties, I don’t know. It’s all the player’s fault – says Kalinic.

He then talked about “what if he ever returns to the ABA league”.

– If I ever return to the ABA league, I will try to change all that in some way. When the referee is hit, they leave the floor, they don’t want to participate in it. If the referee is insulted, the spectator is kicked out immediately, and we players try to be tough guys and when we are targeted, we want to play even harder. Well, no, that’s exactly the mistake. Coaches and players need to agree on both sides, whatever enters the floor, both teams leave it and it does not continue until it is cleared. Some will say that the players are spoiled. If judges can respect that, why are we worse than them?”

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